Getting ahead with routines

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Routines not in order? Difficulties to move ahead? Sometimes we take a break from the dull routines but we have to pull ourselves back on track too...

Things are dissolving into anarchy

So what do you do when the kids are having the third and last week of their Christmas break from school and you have all gone through the flo and are really squashy inside and out ? All the routines from the normal life seem to have gone missing and breakfast and all the meals are later due to a change in sleeping habits. Because of the flo the normal activites are not on the schudule and are replaced by more time with a screen. Mobile, Ipad or TV.

Everything has dissolved in anarchy. Every inch of routine has gone missing in the successful mutiny, when the strengh of their mother was at the lowest. But the flo usually doesn´t hold us tied up for too long and we, the parents will take the leadership again. This time with emphasis on getting the routines in place. At least I did.

Order restored, period. 

Up in the morning (at least earlier then yeasterday), meals in time and something useful math or English and some chores. Of course there were arguments as it usually is when the anarchy is cracking. But by the time the routines are established things are going smoothly. 

What about much indulence over the holidays?

This happened to be an example of my last couple of weeks. But it could just as well have been an adult. Taking a break from the usual exercise to indulge in the food and the drink a liitlle bit to much over the holidays. Now it´s time to get back in to routine.

We all need routines to get forward. It helps us move forward with things without thinking of every little thing. Some things just move ahead. To much routine on the other hand can be very very dull. So we now and then need a break. Now this break is over my friend...

Until next time, take care

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