Say NO To Plastics !!

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I have launched my E-Commerce business. I didn't just want to sell a product to make a living, I wanted to make a difference.

MrB’s brand has a cause,

“ to bring products to the market that will reduce the use of plastics and polyesters “

The first line of products are 100 % cotton reusable cotton fruit, vegetable, general shopping bags.


These bags allow you to shop and get rid of the plastic we normally pack our produce when we go into a retail outlet. If we all work towards the same cause we can imagine that retail outlets will no longer deliver products to us the consumer using plastics and polyesters. If fact why not take the wrapping off the product you are going to buy and leave it on the store's shelf I am sure they will soon understand the message !!

They also can be used to store toys or useful items in the house even your smelly socks !!!
These bags are a natural product that are washable ( please follow the instructions) and reusable. Hello, MrB’s goodbye plastic !!

I will send you a link over the next few days if you wish to support my cause

Thank you

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