Springcleaning, even your inner rooms

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Spring is here and so is the cleaning. Finally ! We can close the door to the winter and look forward to a new season. But now and again we have to clean out our inner rooms as well. Old beliefs we drag with us or outdated connections we have given up on long time ago. Springcleaning is a good thing.

Time for springcleaning

Every year when they sweep the streets from sand that was going to prevent a slippery snowwhite road from accidents and the dust is blowing up, I know it´s time for springcleaning. In with the clothes and activity stuff for the winter and out with the things we use during spring. It´s refreshing with the change. The winterjacket is to warm anyway. It feels like it is ill-timed or out of place in the nice spring weather.

But I would say the same about my beliefs or same of my connections. How often do we springclean our inner rooms? It can be just as refreshing to get rid of same of your baggage.

New start after the springcleaning

After I now have gone through the house, cleaning everything and taken care of the clothes and the stuff I have had time to think about my new start. You see, a part from what I am doing I´m about to start off a project with a new client.

This project is not really in my area and the view I have of myself handling this project is not the most positive. But since I have been asked to be a part of it I have decided that my belief of me in this area is wrong and outdated.

How often do we stop, look back and recognize the things we actually have accomplished. I usually don´t. It´s time for a updated version of ME. 

Outdated connections have to go

During myspringcleaning I came to my office desk and happened to see and old businesscard file. Oh talk about old. Same of the people must have changed jobs more then once, since I got the business card. And I had never contacted them. 

Same of the connections are closer, and same are in my circle of influence. Some are close because I like them there, in my life. Same just happened to be there. They sort of came in and stayed. It´s time to clean out, bad influence or connections that are stealing energy. A new season and refreshing energy to people and projects that fulfills me.

King Frost can go to rest for now

As I write this blogpost I look out of the window and I see tiny white snowflaks coming down. The daffodils have to struggle a bit when King Frost is droping the temperature. But King Frost can go to rest now. The new season is here. And so is the updated version of my beliefs of myself and how I look upon my connections. Now, I encourage you to do your springcleaning !

Until we 

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