Sunday Shift - Penalty Rate Cut

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Sunday Shift Penalty Rate cut

Sunday Shift - Penalty Rate Cut

Wow, we knew it might come, but today here in Australia, The Fair Work commission announced that it is backing employers and weekend penalty rates will be cut for some industries.  The cuts affect the lower income earners and students who struggle as it is.  I believe it could be the slippery slope of changes to come in other industries.


I’m currently working part-time in disability and community care and have seen how government decisions are impacting services and creating individualism.  There is too much unpaid work taking place in the form of paperwork and number of hours per shift being cut. How long before there are Sunday shift penalty rate cuts in the disability and community services. 

Going from casual to the security of a part-time position with fewer hours impacts the family budget, reducing weekend pay will affect it even more.  I'm unprepared to wait and act when the time comes, the future is now and it is the realisation that to fulfil my purpose I needed to diversify and take control of it.


One way to stand up and fight for your rights is to join your union.  Another way is to create your own life, take control of work hours, your work conditions and build your own business one small step at a time.  If you’re ready to take that step meet Jay and Stuart the six figure mentors who will share the business model and skills one training video at a time.  

Have a great day.


Angie Emde

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