Tap Into A Desire

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Always Remember: Advertising cannot create desire for a product!

Adverts can only take a desire that already exists in the heart of the prospect, tap into that desire, and then channel it onto the advertised product, service or brand.

Not only that, but advertising becomes even more limited when it comes to NEED.  The need for the item has to already exist within the circumstances of the prospects life. So even if your add do manage to tap into an existing desire, you'll still have to wait until the prospects need for the product arises before the advertising can actually result in a sale. 

Take this example.  Imagine there is an advert for a beautiful new house, if you're not in the market to buy a house then mostly likely you won't even see the advert. But let's just say that the beautiful graphics caught your eyes and you did see the advert, there would be very little that advert can say that will actually make you go and buy that house. 

Even if you would be in the market, the desire for your house would be based on the degree to which your home taps into your already existing desires for a better location, more bedrooms, better amenities etc. 

Why is all this such important limitations to reckon with? Simply because once you realise who your target market is, where they hang out, and what exactly they are looking for then you gain tremendous amount of advertising power which will then start targeting prospects who already have the desire and the need for your product!

cool piece of marketing tip, huh?

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Until then, make it a great one

X Mirelle

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