The Digital lifestyle mainstream in the future

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The Digital world is coming fast and the early adpoters are onboard.The Digital lifestyle is going to be the mainstream in the future. How can you be of VALUE in the Digital world? Are you ready for a shift? 

The Digital world is coming fast

The pace in which internet is moving is to say it mildly- fast. We can see it in new innovations we have not seen before and more and more people having access to good internet connections on a global scale.

We also see the change for businesses and communities this meaning not only a change in jobs. Old jobs disappearing and being replaced by new digital jobs. But also the new jobs coming from the digital worklife with a highier variety of choosing to work at a distance and to be able to live in remote areas or not even in the same nation, since the digital life is equal with global life. 

The early adopters have gone onboard and taken on the Digital lifestyle but the massive shift is yet to come. The early adopters being those people who like to try out new things. The last massive change was the industrial revolution and that was generations ago. Now it´s time again. Are you ready?

Coming from the old economy 

If you think of your first mentor, maybe you think of your parents, a boss or someone else influential in your life. That person is/was formed in the old economy, told you how the workplace was organized or how the daily life was formed. The milleniums on the other hand are born into the internet time and require flexiblity in their worklife from start. They do not need the mindshift.

With the new Digital economy the worklife, workplace and lifestyle is shifting. You can have a workplace with colleagues around the globe or workhours that are more flexible and up to you. The Digital lifestyle gives room for more freedom and personal growth but also requires a workethic from you but most of all a shift in mindset.

What will it take to succeed in the Digital economy?

As we are transforming more and more into the Digital economy being connected with a wider audience - a global audience, you have to be able to GIVE to break through the noise online. You have to start to think in terms of "How can I be of VALUE in the Digital economy".

The thing is we are all different and unique and have something we can offer. The trick is to figure it out. To find your voice- How would your voice sound? 

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