The Future of Work – Here Come the Robots

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Disruptive Technologies, The Future of Work

They’ve been telling us for years that the robots are coming and our jobs will disappear!

Are They?

If so, are you ready? Because when they arrive it will be a huge disruptive technology that will put an end to a lot of menial and skilled jobs you and I have worked in, in the past. It’s a brave new world for anyone in business when they take hold.

A Blasé wait and see approach by companies will put them behind the eight ball. Now, that’s pretty good for the worker, but that’s really just putting off the inevitable. The technically transformed future will replace many of the jobs we perform today.

This is not actually that far away if you believe many of the reports out there on this subject. The expectation is to see significant disruption within the next ten years.

So where does that put you moving forward?

Have a think about which technologies have immensely transformed industry in the last 20 years… No prizes for guessing which. The Internet has been huge, it’s changed not only the way we perceive our world, but the way we interact with it.

But wait, there’s more to come as interconnectivity the most significant component in industry further improves, then you have cloud computing and further internet advances followed by automation, machine intelligence and robotics.

Interconnectivity and the internet as we know it today, certainly put an end to my corporate working life.

Your Future

Simon Raik-Allen, who cut his teeth in Silicon Valley has been quoted as saying, that in as short a time as five years many businesses will face complete transformation. He used the example in the construction industry, with the latest advances being Machine Intelligence and 3D printing.

So where does that put you?

Well of course the technological changes happening all around us at the present time provide opportunities to stay ahead of the game and provide potential for you and I to change and move quickly to respond.

If you are not sure where to from here, then I invite you to take a look at how you can exploit these disruptive technologies that have changed the way we interact with the world today.

Are you ready? Get ready, because the robots are coming.

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