The Tribes We Lead by Seth Godin

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Came across the Ted Talk by Seth Godin, and found the material to be fascinating.

Here were some of the key takeaways for marketers:

1. Tribes of people that get together around a cause, have the potential to change the world. 

2. "Its tribes, not money, not factories that can change our world, change politics and align large numbers of people. Now we assemble tribes who tell tribes who can then change things in the world worth changing. It becomes a movement."

A tribe involves finding a group of people, a movement, that has a yearning, doesn’t have leadership and is not connected. Tribe leaders are people who look at the status quo and say they don’t like it – also known as heretics – someone who looks at the status quo and says I don’t like it. 


For example - Seth explains - Diane Hatz – Meatrix – connected people using a movie and created a movement around vegans, she did not invent vegans, she just connected people around a common cause and created a movement.

It take commitment to lead people, to be curious about what is going on in their lives, to show them that you care about them and miss them if they are not around, and people want more than anything in the world – to be missed….

You don’t need charisma to lead a tribe, but leading a tribe gives you charisma

Questions to ask yourself if you want to lead a tribe:

  1.  Who exactly are you upsetting – because if you are not upsetting anyone, you are not changing anything…
  2. Who are you connecting?

Who are you leading? – The connecting – this is where change comes from….

How to change everything -COMMIT- leaders need to commit to their tribe..

Lastly - one that I especially loved is that you don't need charisma to lead a tribe, but showing up and leading (by serving others I would add) - gives you charisma.

Seth Godin the tribes we lead

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