To stir in the same old pot- will give the same old results

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Even in society things become stagnate and in need of new life. To stir in the same old pot - will give the same old results. Start with you. Are you up-to date with your skills to take on the challenges on the digital economy?

Brushing up statistics or solving the issue?

In Sweden the discussion is running free if it would be better to close down the government unemployment agency. Due to the inefficiencies to get people into the labour market. The Swedish unemployment agency has also a lot of arrangements and support for umemployed people.

Many times I get the feeling it´s an easy way to brush up the statistics and not really solve the issue. Over the years it has been arrangements that have failed in showing the results and new arrangements have come to light. 

Stagnation or nurturing the bonds?

Like all organizations after a certain time and especially in larger one´s there are a stagnation and inflexiblity that is showing up. A new website was developed for a enormous amount of money and did not meet the requirments for the organization. It seemed like one hand did not know what the other was doing and leadership was questioned.

All the arrangements and support opened up for cooperation with private companies to help out finding jobs to unemployed in different capacity. The private companies have built up and nurtured their bond with the labour market.

The unemployment agency´s roll has become a roll of supervising the arrangements and to control the administration. It´s no wonder the discussion has come up to close down the government unemployment agency and to let go of the middle hand that has out lived it´s purpose.

To stir in the same old pot

But to be frank, no matter who is connecting the unemployed to the job - it is still a job from the old economy. Jobs that might not sustain an organizational reconstruction. It might be a short term job and then the unemployment sets in again. 

In the same pot there are jobs that require certain skills due to the digital development and those kind of jobs demands a hard look at your skills at the moment. Are your skills up-to-date? To stir in the same old pot will give the same old results.

Digital skills in a digital world

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