Trends Shaping Our Future

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We've just said goodbye to plastic shopping bags, next will we be saying goodbye to the humble shopping trolley?

Our emerging work... what will you be doing in just a handful of years from now? 

Whatever it is, I sincerely hope you are working towards it now and have a plan in place with a highly structured timeline to see you positioned well to enter fully into the digital age! Some may think the digital age is here, and yes, to an extent it is, but we haven't seen anything yet. 

What is shaping our future is amazing. In a report by MYOB the steep curve of change is, in effect accelerating. 

It's just the beginning of digital marketing and online businesses with much more to come. I'm saving up for one of these and I'll probably buy it online! 


"Step inside my drone and I'll take you home!" 

While tens of thousands of us can't get by without purchasing the majority of our products online, there are still hordes of people yet to experience the convenience of purchasing groceries, clothes, jewellery, camera, computers, phones, sunglasses, you name it, it seems you can purchase it online. I did my university degree online which suited me just fine.

There will only be a handful of things left to purchase offline. Things like fuel for your vehicle - if, indeed, you still have a vehicle that runs on fuel - or lawn mowers will still require a trip to the service station. If you need a haircut you have to take yourself off to the salon, or have the salon come to you. But in the future, there will be very little left on shop shelves.

We can't say we weren't told what's coming, so maybe it's time to rethink your future. That online business idea you have had for a long time... it's waiting for you to take action!

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