Why do people take risks?

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Why do people take risks in their lives?

Risk taking is something we constantly do in our day to day life. Even though it is an unconcious act for most of us, some others deliberately fall on to dangerous situations and even lose their lives.

Risk taking can come in different forms. It might be an act of a stunt, a change in career, a risky surgery to be undergone. I sometimes find that each decision that we make in life is a risk. People tend to view risk taking negatively and as dangerous. Some of these dangerous stunts certainly don't pay off. But some risks like a change in the carrier path or business venture can be an opportunity to succeed, rather thatn a failure.

For most us, the world outside our comfort zone can be massive and scary. When it is out of our comfort zone, we would say, "I can't do that", "That's impossible", "I am not sure, I will never do that", "Are you crazy?".

June the 15 2017, around 8.35am people around the world, including myself watched with amaze dare devil Erendira Wallenda performing an incredible stunt 300 feet over the Niagara Falls.


Erendira performed a series of stunts on a hoop suspended from a helicopter. At times, she was hanging from her knees and toes. Twice from her teeth.


Yes, she made a world record. But… Why?

In downtown Toronto, 27th of April 2017 a 23-year-old adventure seeking young women climbed a tall construction crane in the middle of the night. Somehow, she was believed to have crawled out of the boom and slid down a cable to the crane’s pulley when she became stranded for hours. Finally, she was rescued by a firefighter. I watched the rescue with horror.



These are just two ladies among the thousands of others who are trying to take up risky acts. So, what is going on? Why are these people taking risks? Is it worth risking their lives? I really don’t know the answer. But one thing I believe is that, you don't achieve your dreams by playing it safe.

Whatever your heart desires, you must go for it. Life is too short to sit around and worry about what will happen tomorrow? What will happen if I do this? or that? and what would other people think.

We will never be able to achieve our goals and success until we are willing to put our self out there and take risks. Risk taking also shows that you have the courage to pursue your goals, your boldness and leadership. If you are passionate about something go after it and achieve your goals and dreams. Take a simple risk and be yourself. 

Wishing you all the success in life!                                                               Until the next time... Cheers!


P.S. Are you a risk taker? I Would love to hear your comments or ideas! 

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