With a new perspective on life

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Recently a new study showed that more then ever people over 60 years old are starting a new love affair in Sweden. It can be after a loss of a husband or wife or a divorce. But we view life as worth starting over at a highier age then ever. 

Love, love, love

Tomorrow is Valentine´s day, it can not be a beter day then today to celebrate that LOVE is a beautiful thing. It can be surprisingly overwhelming to some and especially to those hit by love, but to have the feeling of being in love again is wonderful. All the best to you.

Life long learning

But it is also a new way of looking at age and our lives in general. A couple of generations ago, work was hard for the body and after a few decades the body had been run down and pain set in. Today we have a lot of work sitting down, some behind a computer. Hopefully we work out, but that is probable after work. On the other hand the pace in society is fast and we shift work and even professions. A life long learning is a sustainable approach in our lives. What we before viewed as retirement age after a long hard life is new to many a time to travel find time to do things that have been prosponed. It´s not the end- it´s just the beginning. 

> If you like to start a new relationship- you have to get to know the new person and probably learn a little bit about yourself too.

> If you like to change profession- you have to learn new skills and probably step out of your comfort zone as well. 

But new experiences are eyeopener, right!

Wishing you all the best for Valentine´s day and for the years to come. May new things and people cross your path.

Until we connect again, take care- Mikaela 

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