Digital Transformation - Work Less for More: Are You an Auditor or Accountant? I Was One of You Too!


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Explore The New Digital Business Opportunities Which You've Never Seen Them Before!

We are now at a time of rapid growth and exciting new global initiatives, seeing the growth and opportunities with the expansion of the global digital economy.  I am looking forward to seeing more people like me to benefit in this digital business environment, explore the new opportunities which we've never seen before!

Since 2016, I have joined The Six Figure Mentors (SFM) to achieve my career passion in the digital business environment.

Why do I choose SFM?

Because of the leaders, the community, their missions and visions...


About Me & My Digital Business Mentors

Digital Transformation:

Feeling your health problem is alarming…?

Want to make a Work Lifestyle Transformation through digital platforms...?

Here is my sharing…

“Long work hours erode a person’s mental and physical health, because it leaves less time to eat well and look after themselves properly,” Dr Huong Dinh said.

Before I turned the age of 30, indeed, I enjoyed so much working as an auditor, worked on many great projects, secondment opportunities in different office locations, and received great staff training.  I am very grateful for the opportunity that my former employer firms had given me to develop my strengths and the unlimited potentials in the industry. After years of working in the sector, my awareness of health and family responsibility became stronger, I understood that I must take action early before I am too late to make the changes for my own health and family.

Many high-paid auditing and accounting professionals work very long hours (usually over 50 hours per week) with aims to deliver higher quality of service and values to the clients.  Given the nature of our industry, the concept of work-life-balance is uneasy to achieve at individual level, although many companies have dedicated themselves launching many supports to employees.

Working Long Hours Harms Women

In early 2017, a new research from The Australian National University (“ANU”) reported that if people work longer than 39 hours per week, it will have adverse impact to health.  Dr Dinh said that because many women work extra hours after work to take care of their family, women are recommended to work 34 hours per week, and men are suggested to work 47 hours per week to maintain a healthy mental and physical life. (The research used data from about 8,000 Australian adults as part of the Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) Survey)

The Ohio State University and Mayo Clinic tracked the work and health histories of 7,492 men and women over the course of 32 years, their findings showed that for women, the side effect of working longer hours were much more serious.  They claimed that working 60 hours or more hours per week increase the risk of diabetes, cancer, heart trouble, and arthritis in women.  The researchers also found an association between hypertension and asthma among women working 51 to 60 hours per week.

My Work Lifestyle Transformation Started...

My university educations taught me the knowledge of e-commence and digital systems, after I turned the age of 30, I started implementing the knowledge, building a work lifestyle which creates a lot of time flexibility, allows me to work while travel with Internet connection and digital tools.  Although you can have access to many free online resources to build an online business, it was a steep learning curve for me in the beginning.  Soon I realized that I needed digital business mentors to guide me throughout the process and learn their insights.  Because they have done it before, their guidance and advice could prevent me from making similar mistakes.

Digital Transformation Is For Everyone...

Although I come from an auditing background, digital transformation is for everyone from all industries and age group!  According to expert's findings, it shows that digital behaviour transformation continues to rise in all generations and digital native behaviour is expected to dominate the population by 2019 and beyond.

Are You Ready For Work Lifestyle Transformation?

If you would like to know more about my transformation from traditional work platforms to digital work platforms; how did I integrate the digital business systems to work, created an incredible time freedom and travel possibility?  Please click the below button, sign up for our 7 day free video series, my mentors Jay and Stuart, also the co-founders of "The Six Figure Mentors" (SFM) will explain more in the videos.

Explore The New Digital Business Opportunities Which You've Never Seen Them Before!


Since joining SFM in 2016, I have had many opportunities to develop my skill sets and knowledge in digital entrepreneurship. SFM has enabled me to greatly boost my career in this digital business environment.  At SFM, there are no limitations for growth and I have always been encouraged to stretch myself, improve my knowledge and develop new skills.  No day is ever the same and, for me, it is the people diversity, the entrepreneurial mindsets and visions, as well as the learning and development experience which make me feel very enjoyable to be with my mentors and our community.

SFM presents an opportunity to grow on both a personal and professional level. This is an international, multicultural environment where we are able to innovate and find different ways to perform our roles and activities in order to achieve sustainable growth in the digital evolution economy.  The experience of collaborating within the community members has been exciting, not only because of digital business opportunities which we are involved in, but also due to the learning and development process where the support and trust are important for building stronger relations with other members and with the clients we represent around the world.

I always encourage students to pursue a CPA qualification as part of career milestones, experience as much as they can, until then they can develop their strength and discover their unlimited potentials for achieving something bigger.

If you feel connected to me, send me a message today! I am happy to schedule a free 1-on-1 consultation with you.  Contact me: to arrange an online call with me.

Why do I choose SFM?

Because of the leaders, the community, their missions and visions...


Health is the key to Wealth and Happiness!

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“As writers and teachers, we most often don’t invent the truths; we experience them and share them, giving our audience the advantage of “discovering” these insights for themselves.”

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