Growing, Aging Population

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This is something I saw on television here in New Zealand. A program called Seven Sharp hosted by Toni Street and Mike Hosking.

There is currently an increase in people retiring and receiving Superannuation.

It's about what it is going to be like in the future ( around 2060) for the aging population. 

Living longer

In New Zealand, retirement age is 65, plenty of time to stay active. The majority of people here own their own home. But that is changing.

We are living longer, we are staying healthy longer. With less super, why not try your hand at a full-time minimum wage job? (Showed pictures of older people stacking Supermarket shelves.)

If you are lucky enough to find someone who will hire older people, New Zealand is a great place to keep that paycheck coming well into your twilight years.

Great leisure activities for after work ( see a lady holding up a sign that says "Will knit for food") or spend your afternoon outdoors growing some of the country's increasingly expensive, fresh produce. ( The lady says "I'm hungry")

Remember our homes are extraordinarily expensive so you will not only have to keep up with the mortgage payments but your growing children will still be living at home.

We are living longer, we are staying healthy longer, we have an aging population and fewer babies.

Apparently, it is costing us $288m per day and by 2060 it is predicted it will cost us another $7.4b.

So younger people prepare! Make sure you start saving now for your retirement. Quite possibly by 2060 there will be no Government pension. 

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