Zombie armys created online

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The online world is amazing in many aspects but you have to look out! Today´s hacker online is not a teenage kid. It´s much more sofisticated then that.

Big attacts called "zombie army"

The biggers attact was recently towards CNN, Twitter, Netflix and even the Swedish government. And maybe others. Other time the attacts have been towards the electric power in Ukraine and they are using the same system as many countries, just as vulnerable. It has also been directed towards the German government and parlement. This kind of attact is called     "zombie army". The user don´t notice anything, but traffic floods in one direction from machines connected to internet toward the target.

Who is doing this? 

So who is doing this? It´s no longer just a lonely teenage kid in a basement. That was in the begining of the online era. But as long as there is a demand, hackers can sell their knowledge to criminals. Now it´s even nations behind the attacts. Experts say we will see more attacts and hacking in connection to elections. Experts also say that the years to come will give us an unstable internet with a lot of machines connected to internet, in fact today 2/3 av internet is connected machines.

Connected machines and internet

Today products we connect and control through internet has a processor that will be used by hackers. In other words the hacker will hack and control the product, for exemples surveylands cameras and dishwashers. Then they will use the power of the processor and direct it towards a goal to hack. With many many products directed towards a common goal it has a lot of power.

So how come we can´t trace the hackers. Well today it seems like it is the target that is the hacker, the power station or the Government etc. The Zombie army leaves no trace.

What can you do?

It is not much you can do. Except being mindful of the security online as you already know.

- Change your password, and don´t use the same password for multiple websites

- Don´t open links you don´t know where they are coming from

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