Niloo Kohan

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Hi, I'm Niloo and I am photographer/Digital Marketer. I moved to England 16 years ago from my home country Iran, and now I am living in a small cute city near Brighton opposite the sea.
I spend alot of my time and money on travelling as I feel most alive when I'm in a new place, surrounded by new faces, places and new landscape.
I feel my creativity juice flows when I'm out of my usual places and love to learn about different culture and connect with the people through my camera lens.
I am also learning and implementing the quickly evolving online and digital marketing, and involved with an amazing ever so growing network of entrepreneurs and financially successful mentors.
I use this platform for posting my blogs and sharing my knowledge and experience with anyone who is interested in gaining the same skills and knowledge.

I envision a world where every person feels free to express their creativity, embrace their uniqueness and passionately own their own story. A world where we can each feel the freedom to be who we really are and the gentle strength to grow into the person we know we can be, ensuring we each fulfil our true potential.
I recognise that the more I learn & experience, the more knowledge I have to help me serve. My mission is to constantly evolve towards the best version of myself so that I may teach, inspire & empower others to recognise their own greatness & have the confidence to live it.