Oliver Crespin

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Welcome to you all,

I am 47 years old and live on the east coast of South Africa on the KwaZulu North Coast, in a suburb known as Sheffield Beach, about fifty kilometres north of Durban.

I am currently divorced, have no children and became tired of my mundane life. I came to accepting, I had a dependency on alcohol and that I was on a slippery slope to say the least.

I came to the realisation that only I am responsible for the past events of my Life and that if I wanted better, I had to make some changes.

The purpose of my new-found career in digital online marketing is to share with you, my life, past and present, and the steps I have taken in order to find balance and to aspire to a life I always dreamt of living.

I sincerely trust that this journey will shed some light on how an average Joe like me, can aspire to greatness. I believe there are many people who may be able to resonate with my story and it is my desire to help show you what is possible if we are to be open-minded, willing and honest with ourselves, irrespective of the past mistakes we have made.

If I can impact on just one person's life, I have achieved success. God bless you all and see you on the inside.