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A (Cocky) Young Farmer Learns a Lesson…

Recent thunderstorms reminded me of a particular Friday in 1999 that I would have much rather forgotten for good… In an effort to not let a good crisis “go to waste”, I am going to share with you one of the most horrible experiences of my life to date… At the time, June 1999, I was [...] Read more

by Jay Kubassek |

Hang Up Your Hangover

It doesn’t matter how many times you fall down; what matters is how many times you get up. Today I’d like to share a simple lesson I’ve learned on how to shake off that feeling brought on by problems, challenges and experiences in life that are really unpleasant. Those kinds of things where you find [...] Read more

by Jay Kubassek |

Man’s Best Friend: Canis Lupus Familiaris (aka Dog)

Anyone can “get it right.” But, very few ever “get it done, right.” My earliest memories have to do with my dogs, it seems as though they have always been a part of my life.  And still to this day, my bulldog buddy Victor continues to impact me in profound ways.  There’s just something about [...] Read more

by Jay Kubassek |

Leverage: The Entrepreneur’s Secret Sauce

If hard work alone were enough to ensure business success, everyone would be retired by the age of 40. What most people don’t understand is that the fact of the matter is this:  it’s not just about working “hard”, it’s about working hard and smart. Sounds simple enough… but, oy vey, mensch… is it difficult [...] Read more

by Jay Kubassek |

Are you committed to driving traffic?

There is unlimited amounts of traffic out there. You don’t have a traffic problem.  Frankly, you just aren’t being committed enough with going out there and getting it. Everyone I know who makes good money online consistently spent at least 6 … Read more

by Stuart Ross |

Being Prepared is a Level Playing Field

Farmers are the most bad-ass people on the planet.  They have nerves of steel, they know strategy, they know operations and outcomes, they know management and are able to survive in an environment where they cannot control the vast majority of variables. The differences between being a successful farmer and a successful digital entrepreneur are [...] Read more

by Jay Kubassek |

Get What You Give

You Get What You Give An entrepreneur once asked a wealthy and established businessman, “How did you do it?  How do you continue to increase your profits year after year?  I spend hours each day racking my brain, trying to figure out how to make (get) money – and I can’t seem to do it.” [...] Read more

by Jay Kubassek |

Persist or Desist- How to Resolve the Dilemma

I was up to my ears in disenchantment.  The inspiration that had urged me to take the initial action was gone!  All I had left were credit card balances and self- doubt. How often we get excited about a new project, something we’ve been wanting to roll out, it’s like taking on a new adventure. [...] Read more

by Jay Kubassek |