Peter James Walters

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Hi, and welcome to my profile page.

I'm a Management Accountant and Business Consultant living in Manchester, UK. After years managing my own successful business, I've gained a lot of useful experience and learnt the most important strategies for any business owner wanting to achieve success.

Throughout this blog, I want to give useful information of real value to new and experienced business owners. I also want to help people thinking of starting thier own business but lack the knowledge or confidence to make the first step. My goal is to help people manage their businesses in a more productive, effective and successful way.

My writing style is relaxed and informal as I cant personally bare reading something so technical, it leaves the reader completely lost. I want to get away from technical accounting jargon and speak in a plain, straight forward and informal way.

Information technology plays an increasingly important part in businesses today and I'm also keen to share new developments and what the opportunities they bring with my readers. As the modern business landscape constantly changes. I look forward to new opportunities this brings such as big data, remote flexible working and hyper connectivity.

If you want to see more of my posts and find out about the other services I offer, check out my website at for more info.