Sick of Being Unappreciated at Work?

by Sunjha Sooroojbally Business, Finance, Home and Family, Pets
 Wouldn't you rather be doing this at Home whenever you feel like it? SFM will help you turn your ideas into a business. Wouldn't it be nice to Be Your Own Boss?  Well, TomTom here loves he's Freedom and you should too....  So What are you waiting for?
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The Toughest Part of Pet Sitting

by Louise Barry-Taylor Business, Home Based Business, Relationships, Travel and Leisure, Home and Family, Kids and Teens, Pets
We imagined that the Toughest Part of Pet Sitting would be the level of responsibility we carry for our furbabies clients.  After all, they are deeply loved family members who have been entrusted to our care!  Then there's the time pressure, we have rushed from pillar to post (from Bull Terriers to Collies to Jack Russell's, to Great Danes, Labrador and Persian would be more accurate) over the Festive Season.  Feeding and loving and playing and truly enjoying our furbaby ...
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A Day In The Life Of A Pet Sitter

by Louise Barry-Taylor Business, Home Based Business, Travel and Leisure, Home and Family, Pets
A Day In The Life Of A Pet Sitter should be pretty predictable ... surely.  Even in peak season, say December / January when a mass exodus occurs (particularly in Johannesburg) and people kick up their heels for a year end break.  One would expect that you have a list of clients in specific areas and you develop a route around the needs of their furbabies in your care.  Just to ensure that you all know what we do, Taylored ...
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The Adventures of a Pet Sitter

by Louise Barry-Taylor Business, Home Based Business, Travel and Leisure, Home and Family, Pets
On 16 November 2016, just coincidentally my birthday, we decided to start a little family business - Taylored Pet Sitters, you can find us on Facebook, the website is still under construction. What an adventure this has been.  We advertised organically through Facebook, ran around town placing an advert on as many community notice boards as we could find - you know the one's, with little tear off contact numbers - and the vets of course.  Not to mention speaking to ...
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Freedom To ... Make A Difference In The World

by Louise Barry-Taylor Business, Home Based Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Relationships, Finance, News and Society, Self Improvement, Communications, Home and Family, Kids and Teens, Pets
If you're anything like me, the state of the world weighs heavily on your heart and mind.  Orphaned children raising children, who go to school and to bed on an empty stomach, the sick who cannot afford treatment, the street children sniffing glue, the starving and incapacitated aged ... we could debate the how's, the where's and they why's, though these are not what I am keen to address.  I want to help, to show people the way out of ...
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Necessity Is The Mother of All Invention - and Growth!

by Louise Barry-Taylor Business, Home Based Business, Relationships, Self Improvement, Kids and Teens, Pets
Those who know me well will be amazed!  Indeed this December has brought a growth spurt, out of necessity.  This is the best way to grow! Finding myself incomeless in December was very daunting!  On chatting with my gorgeous nephew about their holiday and time away, we happened upon a business opportunity - pet and house sitting during the Festive Season. With my daughter and I planning our (or succumbing to the inevitable) staycation, it seemed like an great business opportunity ...
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Stress-free Christmas shopping with

by Roger Moisan Arts and Entertainment, Business, Computers and Technology, Gaming, Home Based Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Real Estate, Relationships, Travel and Leisure, Finance, Health and Fitness, Home Improvement, Investing, News and Society, Recreation and Sports, Self Improvement, Book Reviews, Communications, Food and Drink, Home and Family, Kids and Teens, Pets, Reference and Education, Shopping and Product Reviews, Writing and Speaking
If you love to browse, you will love At we have put together a selection of great products at fantastic prices just for Christmas. From DVDs to fun day outs in London, we have a Christmas gift for everyone and at any budget. We have come together with top stores such as HMV, Carphone Warehouse, B&Q and many more to present to you a selection of gift ideas so you can sit back, relax and let the Christmas shopping come ...
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The Chronicles of Nerja: 26. North and South

by Dr Simon J. Parkes FHEA Internet and Businesses Online, Travel and Leisure, Pets
In the previous post, I described the ferry journey from the UK with my dog Luca. Having arrived in Spain early Tuesday morning, the first task was to get out of Bilbao. It has been a while since I’ve driven on the right, and what seemed like an endless series of roundabouts offered a white-knuckle learning opportunity. To be fair, I did go around a couple of these a few times. On the outskirts of the city we came to a ...
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The Chronicles of Nerja: 25. Farewell Blighty, hola España

by Dr Simon J. Parkes FHEA Travel and Leisure, Pets
On November 6th 2016 (one year and three weeks since this blog began), it was time to bid farewell to Blighty, begin my own form of Brexit and head back to Spain. I’d been delayed due to various reasons but M had flown in from Malaga for a week-long visit to Cornwall in the interim. She and the dog had bonded quickly and discovered a mutual love of pasties. After a hearty breakfast (thanks Mum), I finished loading the car and ...
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A little story from the Past

by Kenneth Andersson Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Pets
eHello, and welcome to my blog post. I would like to share a little  story about my life and maybe you are or have been in the same situation whether you are struggling to decide what path you should choose or how you can change your life to feel comfortable and find something to feel passion about. hopefully, you will find my story to be related to yours and help you along the way...   as a kid, I only grew ...
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Compact Living - Camping

by Monica Bergkvist Travel and Leisure, Home and Family, Pets
Hi, Today I´m going to tell you about one of my biggest interests, compact living! As long as I can remember, compact living has always fascinated me. To have everything you need in a small place. As a child, my family had a caravan and we were camping around Sweden during the Summers. I only have good memories from that time. To have the family close, in a small space was so cosy. Maybe that is the reason I love compact living ...
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The Grey-Zone got me 2 hours of frustration!

by Britney AUCLAIR Self Improvement, Home and Family, Kids and Teens, Pets
Saturday morning I was in my office working away, or so I thought. I wasn't being overly productive because my son would be in and out of the office asking for things, or asking me to come look at something. So I was up and down, in and out of focus. When I went out into the living room which shares a wall with my office, so it is out the door and around a corner. I saw my son and my Stafford ...
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Finding out what you are truly capable of?

by Elizabeth Watts Self Improvement, Pets
Sometimes we surprise ourselves and others around us when we discover what we are truly capable of. An instance like this happened to me just the other day in a very unusual kind of way.   I like to take my dogs out to the various dog parks around Brisbane, I like to mix it up a little so we don't get too bored with the same old,same old.  In this particular dog park they had agility equipment, you know the ...
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Animals Separation Anxiety: Floyd the dogs story

by Susan Lewis Relationships, Home and Family, Pets
Animals separation anxiety may show through the same ways as humans.  Showing up as fretting, getting into trouble, becoming hostile, untrusting to people and or their environment.  Yes!  Floyd is a dog.  But in cat's there is a condition called Pica.  As an extreme condition, Pica is related to the humans Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Definitely shows up in extreme anxiety moods and behaviours.  Floyd though shows separation anxiety. Like people expect dogs and cats, and children, to be happy all the time or rest of the group in ...
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Working from Home, with a Cat... #1

by Justin Perry Home Based Business, Relationships, Pets
Like many of us, I dream of escaping the rat race of our modern life style in the work force. However, the work from home thing has it's pros and cons. I am struggling with a challenging, but perhaps common problem, The House Cat. Every time I sit down at my computer to get some work done. One of my kitties, Boots is his name, casually creeps over and flops himself on me without a care in the world. As I ...
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