Animals Separation Anxiety: Floyd the dogs story

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Animals separation anxiety may show through the same ways as humans.  Showing up as fretting, getting into trouble, becoming hostile, untrusting to people and or their environment.  Yes!  Floyd is a dog.  But in cat's there is a condition called Pica.  As an extreme condition, Pica is related to the humans Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Definitely shows up in extreme anxiety moods and behaviours.  Floyd though shows separation anxiety.

Like people expect dogs and cats, and children, to be happy all the time or rest of the group in the pack may show signs of becoming affected. Contagious emotions are felt.  Fear and anxiety are just two of the emotions in a supporting act that many dogs will show as you leave the front door.  When you get home the opposite is true.

Growing up there are many ways culturally to control people's behaviour. Every notice how people congregate and are attracted to others who are like themselves?   Born into that pack is a powerful magnet to stay in with the people and creature comforts known and familiar to each person. With a community that recognises rank and birthplace, there are privileges. Hierarchical, where the strongest are the leaders,  rather than holocaustic, where everyone has a speciality recognised that is brought to the table.

Hierarchical privileges being from where your forebears come from.  Who these forebears are deemed to be. Within a family of placement  where the dynamics of the 'natural flow for growth ' are flowing upwards rather than downwards?

Downward trends, or other negative influences as seen by the establishment seen to be interfering with the 'supported processes' are 'knocked on the head', gotten rid of.  Bright ideas people just reach a peak and hover there.  

Bright ideas people just reach seem to a 'peak' and hover there - sidelined. Eventually, some new ideas person becomes the favourite.  The first having been isolated enough to not be seen.  Far easier to be asked to leave quietly. Usually, people are conditioned by their peers and family members to fear this isolation.  Quietly and slowly becoming the thing they at first despised.  The associate bully.

Unless there is a quiet hierarchical placed maverick. An unorthodox person looking to bring in a change of thought pattern. The going ahead with the support behind you has its advantages and disadvantages.  The anxiety levels will still be there.  People get used to one way and a pecking order has been established.  You, the one that the 'establishment' can target and blame will be an opportunity waiting to happen.  This occurred to me when a new system was to be introduced.  

The established people felt control go out of their hands and realised that control was forging new pathways of 'doing things'. Far greater methods of working holocraticialy, with the new tools and systems the internet was gradually providing .  

Well, I will leave you with thoughts that knowing the circumstances would I have put myself against the establishment and their separation anxiety, cop the attitudes and do this again anyway?  What if you found out that I did anyway. The second one was just a far older organisation.

The result is an international recognition of prior learning through the education upper escalations now is an acceptable thing to have.

The funny thing is after ten years of doing this the impact has just hit home.  Actually, the laugh is that all I wanted was a lower level qualification so that I could gain entry into a basic pre-university course.  Instead, I came out with a Post Graduation Rural and Community Community Development Certificate [ a 1 st year Masters thing].

How does this fit in with the Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.  I wondered that myself.  Right now I am sitting here grinning.  At the time of applying for the course.  The year before having completed a Train the Trainer through the Australian TAFE program.  Part of that course was knowing about the then 'Trades and Qualification framework'. All I wanted was to have what was advertised in the newspaper article. Recognition of prior learning was stated so recognition of the then twelve years of community development through the Girl Guide local level , throw in a few State camps etc.  OCD ... does that mean making sure the "t's" are crossed and the "i's" are dotted?? 

Being at the time a taxi driver it was amazing the people you pick and take long places away. Conversations occur.  

One of the people I used to pick up was an older gentleman who worked somewhere in the then Monash University.  As a decision was being made re my unorthodox application situation this man walked down the corridor that I was asked to wait in.  While we were talking the door opened.  The secretary popped he head out to deliver the news of non-processing the application.  The man stated "Isn't it 'nice' that Susan will be doing the course." Two people higher than the secretary came out.  Their jaws dropping.  

The manager was the third. "Yes  ..." We'll I never knew the name of the name of the man whom I drive around. Nor did I know he happened to have the position of the Monash Unversity- Gippsland Campus Pro-Vice Chancellor.  

Maybe this was just a matter of being in the right place at the right time for transitional change to begin to occur.  

Some of the people i know seem to have reached out achieving managed changes and behaviour gently.  I seem to fall into those situations and deal with the aftermath a while later. There must be other ways of achieving a new direction with behaviour management influences.

In the comments below there is room to place ideas on how this has been achieved in your day to day activities



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