A little story from the Past

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eHello, and welcome to my blog post. I would like to share a little  story about my life and maybe you are or have been in the same situation whether you are struggling to decide what path you should choose or how you can change your life to feel comfortable and find something to feel passion about. hopefully, you will find my story to be related to yours and help you along the way...  
as a kid, I only grew up with my mother who was a blue collar worker and a good-hearted person who worked hard for us to bring food to the table so to speak. And because she worked so hard she did not have the time and freedom to be with me as much as she wanted and for that I ended up being alone and had to spend time before and after kindergarten and school with people and families that my mother knew who could take care of me before she came home from work to pick me up from those people, they were very nice to me as my mother was. To be the only child and only to live with one parent is hard and it has left scars,but at the same time you learn something from it,to take nothing for granted and I learned that lesson a long time ago and to pick the right path from the beginning is also an important lesson for I child and a teen and of course a grown up person to take matters in the own hand to make something with it in the end,it is always in the end that counts no matter what .

To do the right thing is hard sometimes when you don't know wich path you should take, the best and the final word I can give to you is to follow your heart that is the best tool for happiness that brings passionate to your life. 


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