A Day In The Life Of A Pet Sitter

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A Day In The Life Of A Pet Sitter should be pretty predictable ... surely.  Even in peak season, say December / January when a mass exodus occurs (particularly in Johannesburg) and people kick up their heels for a year end break.  One would expect that you have a list of clients in specific areas and you develop a route around the needs of their furbabies in your care.  Just to ensure that you all know what we do, Taylored Pet Sitters take care of furbabies in their own homes, our belief is that it is less traumatic for the furbabies to stay in their own environments.  Getting back to the route, so you have more than one client residing in Bryanston for example and one client requires that you live in their house, essentially house and pet sitting then, and the furbaby requires close attention during thunder storms and feeding both morning and night.  Living in would of course work really really well if the thunder storms could only co-operate and coincide with morning and evening feeding.  So there sits the first challenge!

The second client based in Bryanston just happens to reside in the other side of Bryanston, a suburb so large (unbeknown to us of course!) that we may as well be in another part of Johannesburg altogether!  Regardless, A Day In The Life Of A Pet Sitter, particularly a mobile one, requires that we travel from furbaby home to furbaby home.  We encounter another challenge related to the weather, should the rain come down, the second client has four furbabies (two just happen to be giants - the most adorable Great Danes you ever did meet!) who need to be moved inside.  Now, if only the rain could move in unison with our route, and in accordance with our time lines!  The probability of arriving at client number two on the other side of Bryanston in time to move the beloved furbabies under cover is approximately nil!  

Let's assume we are having a weather friendly day and there are no concerns about rain.  We awake this particular morning to the shrill of the alarm from the garden beams - a rude awakening to say the very least!  Our furbaby is very sound sensitive and is understandably not too happy about the sound emanating from the very necessary alarm (remember, we are in Johannesburg folks).  Long story short, in the heat of the moment this house sitter could not remember the code to deactivate the house alarm and had to search for it before making her way through the house to attend to the non-too-pleased furbaby client and the telephone call from the security company.  Dashing through the house (after finally deactivating the house alarm and the garden alarm which was calling to all and sundry!) completely rattled and disheveled, she sights the security guards already at the gate (as they should be due to the fact that the phone call wasn't answered), ready to leap into action!  The intercom from the gate decides that this is a perfect time to stick as she answers the phone and all she and the guards can hear is the very loud ringing of the intercom phone!

My title is A Day In The Life Of A Pet Sitter ... this in fact is quite incorrect, you see, the time is only 5.30am and al the above has taken place!  I am sure you can relate to the fact that even though it is indeed only 5.30am, this house and pet sitter has already had enough heart beats for 24 hours to have already gone by!

Keep watching this space, A Day In The Life Of A Pet Sitter is far from uncomplicated.  Setting routes to take loving care of furbabies is one thing ... all the external factors are unforeseen challenges just waiting for a place to happen!  It is rewarding, entertaining, a whole lot of fun ... uncomplicated is certainly not a word that applies however!

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