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Hello, my dear readers!

I bet I have surprised you a little bit. I´m coming with a big issue this week - a brave question to talk about: ARE WE GODS?


I can hear already some criticizing the title, religion "believers" may see it is too big for a person to ask that question, they may even put the label "heretic" to any one trying to compare him or herself with God, not to say they are one... I remember talking to a religious person who happened to be my friend too. She was trying to convince me we have sinned and we cannot know the truth for ourselves, that we should listen to what God says, that we are not apt to decide for ourselves. I listened to her for a while (I studied the holy bible for several years and read a big part of the Coran too) and said: "Look I do not see myself as a sinner simply because I was born, I see myself complete and I always weigh any truth with my heart. Depending on how I feel about it, so I proceed."

Today, 10 years later, I believe even stronger in my feelings and the divine beginning of the human being. Well, it doesn't mean our species does not have a long way to walk but I am positive we have not sinned without having sinned. 

Non - believers

Opening a question about people´s divine source would make others, which may call themselves atheists, put me in the science fiction library as these things must have been written by crazy people with unstable minds. They would open a beer, swallow their lunch, look at me with a skeptic smile and say: "Look, girl, there is nothing after, no one has come from the grave. Enjoy your life and forget about it." 

And yet, I am telling you: I see it as a very real question. Something more - the logic in it is unbreakable. And I will tell you why.


My Point

Have you ever thought of how the cells composing your body see you? You are a big organism composed of living cells which on their way compose tissues. There are rivers of blood nourishing, there is the nervous system sending information and orders. And who is orchestration this system? - You. So are you the God of all there is in and on your body? Isn´t it simply logical?

How about our pets? Are they seeing you as an almighty light being who can communicate in miraculous ways with the other humans, get to the farthest point of the earth in hours, heal their wounds? A benevolent God..., or a malicious one who has been using and killing their species for years. Can you try to see a fisherman from the fish´s perspective?

Who are we in reality? Are we Gods now? Are we sleeping deities in the process of awakening? Is there any hierarchy in the universe and where are we standing in the infinite realms of micro and macro cosmos?


Looking for answers I came across a video. She works with hypnosis and her view looks very interesting.

This is just an opinion.Let us see another, which may not exclude the previous one.


C w G

Let's see what Neale has to say or what God told him in the trilogy Conversations with God.

“You are making a mockery of Me. You are saying that I, God, made inherently imperfect beings, then have demanded of them to be perfect, or face damnation. You are saying then that, somewhere several thousand years into the world’s experience, I relented, saying that from then on you didn’t necessarily have to be good, you simply had to feel bad when you were not being good, and accept as your savior the One Being who could always be perfect, thus satisfying My hunger for perfection. You are saying that My Son–who you call the One Perfect One–has saved you from your own imperfection–the imperfection that I gave you. In other words, God’s Son has saved you from what His Father did.”

I guess the idea of perfection has crept from somewhere... 


Now, that you have food for thought, I am really intrigued on how are you perceiving our human journey. Are we Gods?

Diana Christova

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