Are your dogs treat 100% natural ?

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I have worked in the pet industry for 15 years. Importing dog treats was one of the product lines that  I supplied to retailers. Natural DogTreats in my experience are the best thing for your beloved family friend. Other types of treats are available and generally will not harm your dog this article is to help you decide what to purchase if you want GOOD QUALITY Natural Dog Treats that are meat based. I also want to help you understand what the JARGON on packaging actually means.

  • When the term Natural is used what does it mean ?

  • Does 100% Natural mean what you think it does ?

  • Do you know really know what is in your dog treat ?

  • Lets look at Fat and protein content


  1. Natural means what it says: BUT animal by products are Natural, by definition this means any part of the animal can be used. 
  2. Cereals, such as wheat, maize and rice are Natural
  3. Chicken strips , do you assume its the best cut , ie the breast meat or leg ? 
  4. Think about this:  if its a chicken fillet strip are all the strips uniform in size ?

hmmm a thought !! is a chicken fillet all the same size? by this I mean if you flatten out a chicken breast fillet and slice it into long strips are they all the same size? Is your packet of dog treat chicken fillet strips all the same size ? If not then do we now assume the strips are reconstituted or not fully what is portrayed on the pack ? 

I am not saying any of these products will harm your pet BUT I am trying to express to you that you may NOT be purchasing what you perceive by the looking at the packaging.


What is the meat content of your Natural Dog Treat look on the pack for this information. Do you require gluten free ? If so make sure this is stated on the packaging, you are looking for 85% meat content.  

In my opinion the best Dog Treats are air dried and are 100% Natural using real meat. No preservatives, or what we in the trade call fillers ie cereals, Just meat and added quality ingredients such as Apple or Kale, or any types of herb that help to enhance your dogs health.

Freeze dried Dog Treats are good quality as well, however the process is second to air dried.

Be aware some treats look and convey that are 100% natural but are they ?

  • If the packaging proudly announces " low fat".

  • If the packaging proudly announces 80-95% protein

Lets look at these two points and think about it outside of the box:

The reason these two selling points are promoted is because low fat , high protein tends not to increase your dogs weight via the treat you offer.

A piece of meat thats on your plate has between 16% - 30% fat content. Therefore if your Natural Dog Treat says low fat ie 4% then are you getting a high meat content ?

The protein levels for example in a chicken breast that you eat is approximately 31% so to achieve higher levels in a Dog Treat then protein powders can be added, therefore when a treat says 80% protein for example then we have to assume proteins have been added.

I hope this short piece of information has helped you understand what to look for when you wish to purchase a GOOD QUAILTY  meat based Dog Treat that is 100% Natural.

I Do not want to promote brands or product lines, My objective is to help you understand a little more about the best Treat to feed your best friend. Your Local pet retailer will advise you further on brands and products available.

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