Could Your Dog Make You Money?

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See Cosmo here?

He's a loyal dog. He may chase the postman every now and then. He may try and steal a piece of toast in the morning. But he's got your back. 

And if you had a great idea, like realising a photo such as this one of Cosmo could end up earning you thousands and thousands in repeat royalties, he'd gladly stick a bowler hat on his head for the next photo.

Thousands and thousands of royalty income could mean a lot of treats for Cosmo. He can't pass up an opportunity like that.

How can Cosmo make you a lifetime of income

So you got Cosmo to pose for this photo.

Do you realise there are millions of people, businesses and organisations worldwide looking for images just like this one to download for their websites, marketing material, blogs, articles and more.

They are willing to pay money to use it.

What's more, there are several websites you can upload your photos to. These websites have millions of customers always looking for fresh photos to use.

With the rise of social media marketing, new photos are needed constantly, so the need for more and more photos rises each day.

One of these websites claims to be selling 4 images per second.

Just think about that for a moment. 

Now imagine you uploaded just an image a day. In just 60 days you'd have 60 photos uploaded and potentially selling. Now imagine uploading them to several websites. 

Another 60 days and you've got 120 photos out there earning you money.

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To Your Success (and to Cosmo's!!)



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