Finding out what you are truly capable of?

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Sometimes we surprise ourselves and others around us when we discover what we are truly capable of.

An instance like this happened to me just the other day in a very unusual kind of way.  

I like to take my dogs out to the various dog parks around Brisbane, I like to mix it up a little so we don't get too bored with the same old,same old.  In this particular dog park they had agility equipment, you know the kind where you see expert collies jump over and weave in and out of showing off how agile they are while the owner runs around with them making little hand signals that if we blinked we would miss but the dog never does. You get the picture of what I’m talking about, anyway here was this equipment.


Now my dogs are very energetic, a small white Moodle( a maltese crossed with a miniature poodle) and a standard Poodle also white ( although never for long) but as for doing anything so organised that would be completely beyond them or so i thought. After their initial run around and let off some steam I decided to try William on one of the pieces of equipment, so I started with the A board which basically they run up to the top and then run back down the other side sounds easy, but really its not). undefinedI tapped the board and called his name, he jumped at it and then bounced off it, I tried again but this  time walked alongside the A board so he would hopefully get the picture that when he jumps on the board he would follow alongside me up the board, this time he nearly did it but jumped off halfway up, I called him again and this time he ran to the top of the board, when he was up at the top he just looked as if to say “what now”, so I encouraged him to run down the other side, which he did.

Well i was as pleased as punch and he was quite excited too. Now I saw the piece that looked like a tight rope, so they run up the board and then along a narrow strip before running back down on the other sideundefined. William was having fun at this point, he was listening to me which is unusual and he was showing me that he could do what I was asking of him, he kept looking to me for reassurance but I was there right by his side, encouraging and praising him, when he got off the tightrope looking equipment he was on a roll so the next piece was a little jump, we ran straight up to and i signalled with my hand for him to jump it, to my amazement he did, the next piece was a little platform which I think the idea  is that the dog jumps on and then sits or lies to show control, well to my amazement after the little jump he ran straight up to the platform and laid down. I was absolutely gobsmacked (which isn't often), you see not only had William surprised himself at being able to work the agility equipment with my encouragement and praise but I had also surprised myself that he could have so much faith in me to trust what I was asking of him. William and I walked away from that agility equipment with a strong sense of achievement, a new level of trust and having discovered a new skill that we are both capable of. 


This got me thinking to other avenues in life, if an opportunity presents itself..... but you don't give it a go, how will you know what you are truly capable of?. You see, sometimes we just have to give it a go, give it our best shot, look to support and help from others and just run with it, only then can we find out what we are capable of.

When have you surprised yourself and others around you and found out what you are truly capable of? I would love to read your comments.

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