why treat your dog for fleas & ticks

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I have worked in the pet industry for 15 years. Suppling Vet medicines was one of the product lines that  I supplied to retailers. We had to be licensed with the Veterinary Medicine Directorate (VMD ) to comply and supply these type of products to the retailers. The object of this short blog is to educate you or remind any pet owner : WHY YOU SHOULD TREAT YOUR DOG FOR FLEAS AND TICKS

why you should control fleas and ticks

  1. what is a flea
  2. what is a tick
  3. where do they hang out
  4. how do they harm your pet
  5. how can you control them
  6. why you should control them


Fleas are a parasite:

There are numerous species of fleas, that live on dogs, cats, rabbits and even humans ! Fleas can use any living thing with blood flow as a host. When they are adults fleas suck the blood of their hosts. They can live up to a year and a female can lay up to 1400 eggs per year. The thing that you have to be aware of the eggs and larvae live in the environment not necessarily on your pet. Fleas cannot fly but boy can they leap. Fleas can harm your pet in a few ways ; They can cause skin issues due to constant biting. they also can give your pet tape worms!! This is because the tape worm can be already in the flea and is passed on through the bite. To see if your pet has fleas : look around the neck and ears this is the favourite spot fleas infest.

tick's are also a parasite

Tick have similar feeding patterns to fleas, they feed on anything that has blood !! They cannot fly or leap but instead live in long grasses waiting for an unsuspecting host to come by usually a dog if its a pet. Tick trasmitt numerous diseases, to humans as well as animals. The most common is Lyme disease. As they move from host to host they pass on disease via the blood they feed on. Be aware the feeding pattern of the tick is different to the flea because the tick buries its head in the host's skin draws out blood and swells , they look like a small boil on the skin.  The tick can live for up to 3 years, 3 times longer than a flea. They can attach them selves any where on the body and even in between the toes. 


I am hoping after reading the above that you understand or this page has reminded you to treat your pet for fleas and ticks. If you look at a good quality treatment the instructions will make you aware of how often to treat your pet. PLEASE do not wait until infestation is present before you take action.

I Do not want to promote brands or product lines, My objective is to help you understand a little more about the reason you should treat your best friend for fleas and ticks. Your Local pet retailer will advise you further on brands and products available.

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