Freedom Free Time and Horses!

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Isn´t animals the best! For me, horses rules! But I love all animals. When I was a kid, I wanted pets, and at last I got a budgerigar. Well it was nice but not that cuddlyfriendly, haha. Anyhow, when I got my own money, I bought a horse. 

And since then I have had at least one, but most often more horses! Horselife is wonderful and gives you sooo much! 

So if you work full time, have horses, and a farm, and children....The time isn´t enough. 

So I decided to get TIME get FREEDOM and get time with my HORSES! Love love love! 

I started with affiliate marketing and learn how to sell online. Then I can make the program work for me. Isn´t that like a little robot? Someone else makes my work:) Well nearly. 

I have to make some things at first, create a webpage and so on, but anyhow, there is an opportunity to get the help IN THIS PROGRAM! That helped me, to get the Freedom, Free Time and to be with  my horses! 

So now we train for the spring competitions. Its Showjumping and not as a fab star, but average hight and that is nice. To meet friends and horses. 

And I also loook forward to get my foal, or 1 year old, home in April. Looking forward to this year!!!

Love from Anette!

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