Health And Happiness: How They Coincide

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Are people healthier because they're happy, or are they happy because they are healthy?

Physical health and mental health are both important. Lacking in one will greatly affect the other.That is why what you put into your mind and body affects the way you function as a whole.

Scientists at Carnegie Mellon University took hundreds of people, both happy and sad, and paid them $800 each to be allowed to drip the common cold virus into their noses.Even when someone sneezes in your face, the same virus gets in your nose, but you won't get automatically ill.Your immune system is working to fight off infections constantly.

So the study question was:

Whose immune system would be better at fighting off a common virus- Those in a group rated as happy, peppy and relaxed or the group of people that were rated as anxious, hostile and depressed?

About 1 in 3 of the negative emotion group failed to fight off the virus fully and came down with a cold. However, only 1 in 5 of the happy group of people got sick, even after researchers took into account factors as sleep patterns, exercise habits, and stress levels. In a subsequent study, researchers again exposed pain subjects with the influenza virus, which is a more serious virus. And yet again the people who exhibited happy emotions were the ones who were better to fight off the virus.

So it is obvious that your mental stability has an effect on your physical state of being.

I know that personally when I am feeling down, I feel tired and unproductive. I may talk down to myself or think about stressful things, which only make me spiral down and end up feeling worse. This is when I make myself move!

Physical activity helps to elevate your mood.

I will take a walk or a nice run on the treadmill. Dance around the living room, even hula hoop just to get my heart beat up and my blood pumping. Stretching and hydrating with plenty of water keeps me alert and flexible. I will focus on what exactly is bothering me and address my inner self to help me to work out the issue, and then I let it go. Now I focus on something that pleases me, which in turn makes me happy and I keep that feeling with me. This habit has helped me in dark times lifting my own spirits up ,and bringing me out of the funk.

Another thing I do is remind myself how much I love me.And how grateful I am to have this mind to think and body to create. Be kind to yourself and speak gently and lovingly. It will in turn be kind to you. When I am happy I feel better inside and out.Realize that what you eat also plays a major roll in how you feel.Work plays a major roll in your happiness as well. Are you enjoying your work, is it enabling you to enjoy your life more? 

A higher consumption of vegetables may cut the odds of developing depression by as much as 62%.A review in the journal National Neuroscience concluded that in general, eating lots of fruits and veggies may present "a non-invasive, natural and inexpensive therapeutic means to support a healthy brain".

I can personally attest that eating a plant-based lifestyle has improved my health greatly, as well as my over well mood. I sleep good, I haven't been sick in a long time,  I have good energy and stamina to do my daily tasks and generally, I am happy. I am reaping the healthy benefits of eating food that is naturally assisting my body in functioning better. In turn I feel truly amazing. I am showing my body how much I love it by putting good fuel in it. And it shows me it appreciates that by keeping me healthy and strong and allowing me to feel wonderful.   


So be conscious of not only how you talk to yourself, but what you feed your mind as well as your body. Take care of your total state of being and you will be both happy and healthy!For more facts on eating a Plant-Based Diet Please read "How Not To Die" By Michael Greger, M.D Founder of NUTRITIONALFACTS.ORG Where you can Discover the Foods Scientifically Proven to Prevent and Reverse Disease.