It's never too late

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It's 4-45 on a Wednesday afternoon, the suns out the sky's blue so me and Sunny are having a stroll along our favorite river bank. Well, I'm strolling he's darting off here there and everywhere trying to catch that elusive rabbit that's always managed to stay that one step ahead of him but it's not for the want of trying, tenacity is definitely one of his strong points. 

There's a slight breeze rustling through the reeds and apart from a family of ducks skimming across the water the only sound I can hear is the crunch of the gravel footpath under foot.


In the distance I can just pick out the rumble of a train, bringing all those tired, weary commuters home from another day at the office, construction site, shop, restaurant or wherever else they have to go to earn their daily crust. A brief shiver runs down my back as I remember that used to be me. All those cold winter mornings waiting for the train, having to stand all the way to London because yet again there's no seating available, then having to run from the station to the site with tools on my back praying that I'll make it by 8 and on top of that, after a full days manual labour, having to do it all again back the other way only this time exhausted and dirty from the days graft. 

l used to wonder why everyone on the train had the same blank expression on their faces. Were they just tired from the daily grind? Were they deep in thought about what they were going to have for their dinner when they eventually made it home? or was it that they had endured this drab, mundane brain numbing existence for so long that they had developed their own built in auto pilot mechanism that switched them off to save them from going insane or dying of boredom?


How lucky I am now to be able to stroll along this river bank on a Wednesday afternoon, listening to the birds chattering, actually taking notice of the flowers, plants, trees, and wildlife that surround me. I'm getting more exercise now than I ever have and so is Sunny so all in all we're a couple of happy chappies, the only regret I have is not making the changes to my life years ago, but you know what they say better late than never. 


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till next time take care cheers, Al

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