Music Triggered Memories

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While I was driving this morning, an old song came on the radio. it was Bitter Sweet Symphony by The Verve. Music Triggered Memories were started off when my two beautiful girls were little, oh how they used to love it when on a Friday night we would put the music on and turn up the stereo and all go crazy. I love my girls as much now as I did then, but I just wished I could go back sometimes and hear their laughter and see their tiny little faces again.

undefinedParenting is one of the hardest, but yet the most rewarding experiences you will ever have. I spent as much time as humanly possible with my girls. Besides my wife, I don't think it's possible to love anything or anyone more than I love my girls. I have so many fond memories, we had a wonderful dog she was a Kelpie which is an Australian working dog, Her name was Ezzy May, and she had a perfect temperament Ezzy May was the perfect dog for us and the girls adored her. All my efforts to train her to fetch and retrieve a ball would be futile. I would give up and just end up laughing, the girls preferred to give chase. Ezzy would be running flat out dodging and weaving trying to avoid capture. The girls would be giggling and laughing until they would drop from pure exhaustion.  undefined

If only I had known about Digital Marketing then. I would have been able to spend more quality time with my girls and created even so many more memories. (Note) spend as much time with your children as you can they grow so quickly!If you have any comments or questions can be left below Cheer's Kevin 

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