My Lockdown Puppy

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In October 2020 we sadly lost our 7 year old Cockapoo to a suspected brain tumour.... I used to walk hime every day in the morning before I went to work and again in the evening when I returned.

I knew, not only would I miss having him around, I would also miss taking him out for his daily walks. Now working from home, I decided a few weeks later that I should continue with the walks I used to take him out on as I was no longer getting the excercise that I used to. The first time I took the route we used to go on I felt empty walking without him and shed a few tears along the way, the next day I went out for the same walk and the next and the next and so on.

Charlie had left a void in not only my life but my partners aswell, the 3 of us had enjoyed several trips away in our new caravan last year, especially Charlie who just loved every minute of it. We knew that if we were able to go away again this year, it really wouldn't be the same.

Just a couple of months later we had a discussion about getting a puppy and if we were to go ahead, as we were both working from home it would be best to get one sooner rather than later, to give us the time to put in the training before we were to go away again. I explained that as I enjoy walking and would really like to walk further and explore woodland and waterways, lakes etc,  I would like us to consider a breed that would enjoy these long walk, I said I would like a working cocker spanial, not only would it be great for the walking, but I could also do some agility with a dog like this.

Anyway to cut a long story short, a few weeks ago we picked our new puppy up. He and his litter had had a great start in life, we couldn't have been happier. We began with his training almost as soonas we brought him home. Finally he is able to be taken out for his walks. He has bundles of energy and training is coming on well.  

It is so Sad to hear about so many targetted dog thefts happening across the country and owners are being attacked for their dogs whilst out walking or being taken from gardens and homes due to the high increase in demand an price rises for puppies.

Unfortunately there is an element of anxiety now he is old enough to be taken out for his walks, everyday on the news is another story of either attempted or succesful dog snatch and people being attacked. We now have to be alert of suspicious behaviour, taking the edge off of the enjoyment we have of the outside and the beauty of the nature around us. 

That said recently finding myself on Furlough from work has given me time to reflect on how much time is spent at work and how little time there is to enjoy all we have around us and has given me time to reflect on what I would like for my future. I have realsized that my time is so valuable to me and actually I would like to continue enjoying this lifestyle. You can read more about me here and how I have made changes to my life

Please feel free to contact me directly via my website contact page. 

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