Non meat based dog treats

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I have worked in the pet industry for 15 years. Importing dog treats was one of the product lines that  I supplied to retailers. Natural DogTreats in my experience are the best thing for your lovable friend.  Other types of treats are available and generally will not harm your dog this article is to help you decide what to purchase if you want GOOD QUALITY Natural Dog Treats that are not meat based. I also want to help you understand what the JARGON on packaging actually means.


  • What is a non meat based treat made from
  • Why would you offer non meat based treats
  • Are non meat based treats palatable
  • What to be aware of with non meat based treats
  • What are the health advantages of these type of treats


Non meat based treats are usually made from two main sources:


  • Vegetable, rice or both. let's look at vegetables; Vegetable fibres are compounded and then natural colourants are added, the Fat content is usually very low. Now rice : Rice based products usually have 70 % rice then compounded vegetable fibres and natural colourants are added, again very low fat content.
  • You would offer these kind of products for a few reasons: they are low in fat therefore if your best friend is a little overweight its a good way of treating your dog without giving more fat.They are usually in various types of sizes and shapes aslo they feel fairly solid, this in turn creates a gnawing effect by your dog and helps to keep his or her teeth healthy and clean ( less visits to the vet ). The added advantage is in general they are easily digested.
  • Most dogs love vegetables and rice so the palatability of these products is usually high. 
  • The one thing to be aware of when looking at these types of treats they are natural, but some producers will add sugar  ( bear in mind that when you buy a low fat product for yourself you check the sugar content ), NOTE check the packaging for the sugar content. Also all Vegetable based products tend to contain potatoes which contain their own sugar content 0.8% which means they are usually gluton free, the rice based products tend to be lower in natural sugar 0.1% and gluten free, always check the packaging.
  • If you enjoy treating your dog then these types of products as mentioned earlier can be a healthy way to do so. Even if your dog is getting a good balanced diet treating is always a pleasurable experience ( if you own a breed such as a Labrador then he or she will always want a treat !). therefore low fat, good for the teeth and easily digestable are good things to consider.

I hope this short piece of information has helped you understand what to look for when you wish to purchase a GOOD QUAILTY no meat based Dog Treat that is 100% Natural.

I Do not want to promote brands or product lines, My objective is to help you understand a little more about the best Treat to feed your best friend. Your Local pet retailer will advise you further on brands and products available.

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