Necessity Is The Mother of All Invention - and Growth!

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Those who know me well will be amazed!  Indeed this December has brought a growth spurt, out of necessity.  This is the best way to grow!

Finding myself incomeless in December was very daunting!  On chatting with my gorgeous nephew about their holiday and time away, we happened upon a business opportunity - pet and house sitting during the Festive Season. With my daughter and I planning our (or succumbing to the inevitable) staycation, it seemed like an great business opportunity for the two of us over the Festive Season.

Two challenges - neither for the faint hearted as you will see:-

1.  I have been petrified of dogs (and I mean literally, to the point of total immobilisation) since I was a little girl.  This was the result of my step mother owning a particularly vicious Bull Terrier, you know, the white ones with the scary red eyes?  Plus, I was bitten on two separate occasions by two different "well trained" German Shepherds!

2.  Due to the high levels of crime, living in Johannesburg is certainly "not for sissies" and as a result, I have lived in flats and townhouses in order to keep my nerves at bay and my daughter and I safe. So great was this fear that not so long ago I was offered the opportunity to live in a beautiful family home and I declined!

Well, well, what would you know?  Between my gorgeous daughter and I we are currently taking care of the following furbabies, all in their homes - three of them being free standing houses:  

  • one gentle but extremely stubborn old girl Collie (we are living in her house with her)
  • two Bull Terriers (one male, one female) both exceptionally physical and strong.  Though (and thankfully!) they are not vicious with us, the male does attack the female on occasion and the female is a runner of note - the second the gate is open she is off! 
  • two Great Danes, one a teenage male who is extremely boisterous and playful (and bit me on the bum within the first 3 days!) one old female who is a rescue having been on the receiving end of abuse in her lifetime, a Labrador, Jack Russel and a tortoise shell Persian.  
  • two little dinky "pavement specials", both highly strung as a result of being rescues, and one feral male kitty who is pretty unpredictable
  • a very round tortoise shell domestic cat who also happens to be terrifyingly bad tempered, currently she hides under the bed when I arrive to feed her - as a result of me clapping my hands too loud when she last tried to abuse me!
  • our own Jack Russell and three feline furbabies

On top of this, we are house sitting the most magnificent home with an exquisite garden - this is an enormous free standing house!

All this as it is a necessity to generate an almost-instant income.  Have I been fearful during this period - you bet!  The strange sounds of a new house are daunting at the best of times, in crime ridden Johannesburg, it literally will have non-believers praying!  Then there is coming to grips with a state-of-the-art security system and setting the alarms off in the process - this only alerts the armed security guards who arrive in the driveway in a matter of minutes!  In addition, I almost crumbled when we were introduce to "the beasts" - the two Great Danes who are literally big enough to saddle up for a ride!  When they walked out, more like jostled their way out, my first impression was that they were Boerbulls, enough to terrify the bravest of people!

To say that we are loving the pet and house sitting is an understatement, this is an extremely cool way to earn a living.  Is it challenge free?  Absolutely not!  We've chased the female Bull Terrier around the block on more than one occasion, we've been knocked off our feet and into the mud by the exuberant male bull terrier.  Not only that, the electric gate which ordinarily acts as a barrier to our gallivanting female bull terrier, decided to give up the ghost today and there we were holding onto the very strong and determined Houdini whilst the ruddy gate refused to co-operate and was jammed with enough of an opening for her to escape!  It is with great pride and relief that I tell you that we, the humans, won today!  Our very round and cheeky domestic cat is playing hide and seek and attacking us at every opportunity when we do find her; one of the dinky "pavement specials" immersed his little self into the innards of a bird he had caught, ugh, what a sight!  He has almost eaten our fingers when given medication and even gone missing on one occasion.  

These have indeed been interesting times!  I am so surprized at myself, and, dare I say it, even very proud of my growth.  It helps of course that my daughter is a very big animal lover, and though she is considerably smaller than me, she is totally fearless.

What I have learned through this process is that, as taught by the Six Figure Mentors, Entrepreneurs are indeed very resourceful!  The expression "feel the fear and do it any way" has been a part of my daily life during this staycation and it has been magnificent, exhilarating, exhausting, satisfying and a huge amount of fun!

So, here I am, blogging to you, exhausted from the challenges of today, and building my online business, to show you the way to Freedom To ... your debtfree lifestyle, retirement, travel, education ... you name it.  Hard work, consistency and determination in this digital economy can pave the way to a six figure income for you, for your loved ones, for your purpose, for your calling! 

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