What does your pet do to treat you

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what our pets do for us

Pets are a wonder of nature

  • Do we take them for granted 
  • What do they do for us
  • Where do they take us 

Let's look at nature for a moment


This is a wonder of nature, it blooms every year in the spring, the blooms then fade away leaving its seed to float on the wind. Then the following year in the spring it blooms again after enduring cold weather, rain and wind . Your pet was born weaned and somehow found you yes you ! do you wonder how and why this wonder finds you stays with you for many years and gives you joy ? Becomes part of your family, and plays a major part in our lives. DO WE TAKE THIS MARVEL FOR GRANTED ?

This why I have pets

My point is our pets are the same wonders and do we view them in the same way ? I have dogs cats and fish. My dogs take me out into the world every single day , away from computers, my place of work and into the fresh air. My cat comforts me when he comes to seek my attention. He relaxes me and gives me such pleasure. I watch my fish in my pond , the marvel last year I built my pond and introduced 3 gold fish this spring I now have 9 gold fish !! I watch them swimming around I don't know why but they hold my attention and fascinate me. It doesn't matter to my pets if I have had a bad day , or woke up not feeling as positive as I want to feel. My pets are ALWAYS consistent with their affection and temperament therefore MY PETS TREAT ME  . THEY DON'T TAKE US FOR GRANTED.

This is what my dogs do for me

My dogs take me outside with a purpose in mind to enjoy their company and get away from everything in everyday life for 30 or so minutes to a couple of hours. They cause me to reflect on life in general at these times. I am alone with my thoughts or If I am with family or friends we have a discussion we have a real live conversation,not a social media conversation but a REAL ONE. I see others out on walks I make a point of just saying hello or good morning. The results are astounding when I think about it I feel better in myself and always end up happier and more satisfied with myself when I have been out with my trusty friends. My dogs treat me. 


These are the sort of places my dogs take me, this image reflects how ALL my pets make me feel, happy, relaxed and glad to be alive. this in turn is good for my health and well being. This is just a small snippet of what my pets do for me ! I hope you get the same pleasure as I do from your wonders of nature

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