Self-Improvement and Self-Development

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             Tips on How to Work on Self-Improvement 

Although there are many ways you can work on self-improvement and self-development it is advisable in the first instance to set specific goals relevant to your desired results for your future.

Firstly take the time to think about what it is you are looking to change or achieve and the reason why you want to make these changes.  It could be :-

  •  You want to Loose weight
  •  You want to quit smoking
  •  You want to exercise more
  •  You want to make time to read more books
  •  You might want to learn new skills so you can change                                direction in your work
  •  You might want more free time to do what you want to do

    When you have decided write down your chosen goal, include challenges you may face along the way. Make the goal clear and specific. Createing a roadmap that you are able to revisit regularly helps you refocus, recharge, remember why you are doing this, recommit and stay on track to ultimately reach your goal. Making a note of challenges or obstacles you have overcome along the way helps build on confidence when facing the next challenge and helps to keep you motivated,    stay focused and follow through on your plans. 

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           Setting Goals

    The need for setting clear and specific goals that are challenging that can be monitored and revisited frequantly is important to help you keep track of your progress. Edwin Locke along      with Dr Gary Latham came up with five principles of effective goal setting.

      1.  Clarity - Goals should be clear and well defined
      2.  Challenge -  Goals should be achievable, but also challenging to you
      3.  Commitment - You should fully commit to your goals to achieve them
      4.  Feedback - You should regularly evaluate and reflect on your goals to stay on track
      5.  Task Complexitiy - You should give yourself time and space to reach complex goals

    Using these five princibles for guidence when creating your raod map will help establish your journey in order to reach your goal. Remember a good roadmap will help you keep focused and remeber why you are doing this. It is also recommended that you make notes of obstacles you may have hit and overcome along the way, as this will remind you of your achievements and build on    confidence for future obstacles you will need to overcome.     

    If you have found these tips helpful, I am interested to hear about goals you have set for yourself. Either leave a comment on this post or contact me directly on my website mydigitalambitionfreedom.comContact page

    Coming soon -  Tips on Motivation  


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