The Benefits of having pets

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I am a proud pet owner of 8 fur babies. I have seven cats and a Siberian Husky that is 10 years old. I only started out with one cat but over the years, I have found myself rescuing and adopting animals here and there. I would definitely consider myself a cat person, however, I have learned that I really am a lover of all animals, and just want to help them be comfortable and live a happy life. Time spent with a cat, or any animal for that matter is never time wasted. My babies are my family, my dear little friends, and companions. All of the people that I know who are pet owners feel the same way. There is nothing that they would not do to help their pet live a happy and comfortable life


Animals are a benefit to our health as well. Studies show that our fur babies have the ability to lower stress, which in turn can lower the blood pressure, cutting the risk of heart disease and heart attacks. Pet owners are less likely to suffer from long bouts of depression, as opposed to people who do not have any pets. Did you know that playing with your pet actually raises the levels of serotonin and dopamine in your body? They are nerve transmitters that have pleasurable and calming properties, which makes us feel better! Animals are great exorcising partners, and you can go for walks and hikes with your furry friend. You will both get the exercise that is needed for a healthy body and mind, and at the same time bonding with each other on that walk. Cats can go for walks too if comfortable on a leach. Of course, it would take awhile for her to get used to one, but it can be done. 

Another reason animals are a good benefit for people is the simple act of caring for, and being responsible for another creatures life and well being. A 2016 study was done on elderly people who were given five crickets in a cage to care for, for 8 weeks became less depressed! I think that is amazing. So animals do not necessarily have to be cuddly for the benefits to work. Fish can help with focus and attention span. Did you ever have the wonderful experience of just watching fish swim around in a tank? Horses are well known for use as therapy animals to help adults and children with PTSD symptoms. Lisa Freman, Director of the Tuffs Institute for Human-Animal Interaction says" Their attitudes change and skills improve." 


Not to mention animals are just a pure pleasure to be around! I love to lay around on the floor with my dog and talk to her, telling her what is on my mind. She just listens and offers unconditional love. My cats are the same. My older cats sleep with me, and I love to hear the rumble of their purrs on my chest, the way she slow blinks at me saying, "mom I love you". A house is not truly a home without a few pets around. So if a loyal companion to accompany you on your walks, is what you need to get you on the path to start getting healthy, then head to the nearest shelter and become someone's hero! What are some of the things you do with your pets, to bond with them? I would love to hear about it!

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