Working from Home, with a Cat... #1

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Like many of us, I dream of escaping the rat race of our modern life style in the work force. However, the work from home thing has it's pros and cons. I am struggling with a challenging, but perhaps common problem, The House Cat.

Every time I sit down at my computer to get some work done. One of my kitties, Boots is his name, casually creeps over and flops himself on me without a care in the world. As I sit at my desk he comfortably snuggles himself onto my forearms and makes typing very difficult. If I am reading or watching anything on the screen, but am not actually typing, he still gets himself in the way.

At first I always tried to brush him aside so he could at least sit beside my laptop. He would be close enough in proximity that it feels like we are hanging out. But to the young affectionate snuggle butt, this is not an option. Physical contact is a must. Skin contact is even better, and since I am wearing a T-shirt and sitting at a desk, my forearms are prime snuggling real estate.

FYI Snuggle Butt = Cat in my head. Quirky vocabulary lesson. :)

Every time I brush aside snuggly Boots, he slinks back immidiately. He is focused, unrelenting, and adorable. A worthy opponent. It seems I spend more time wrestling for suitably balanced Snuggle/Typing logistics than actually typing anything. After 10 to 15 minutes of doing this I also lose focus or even forget what I intended to work on or blog about.


This brings me to my next point, I don't remember what I planned on blogging about today, so it naturally turned into blogging about my 'Work From Home with a Cat' issue. I have already figured out a couple things about my situation.

It is much more viable to type while laying belly down on my bed with my laptop out in front of me, than sitting at a desk. This way, Boots has a few options for hands on snuggling. He can snuggle beside me along my back and armpit, sit on my back, or between my forearms. All which leave my hands free for using my Laptop.

Boots is way more relaxed if I am blogging about him. As soon as I committed to writing the blog post about Working From Home with a Cat, he settled right down beside me and fell asleep. What a Cheeky Little Brat! :p

undefinedNow that he is asleep and I have got my mojo flowing, I can move on to the other work from home priorities.

To conclude my Work From Home blog post, I want to share what I have learned.

If you have a cat that interferes with your productivity while working at home, take these two things into consideration.

One- Snuggle/Typing logistics and balance is priority. When you can't beat the snuggle party, facilitate the snuggle party in way that leaves your arms free and makes your laptop itself poor real estate compared to an armpit or warm lower back.

Two- The needy cat has to be involved whether you like it or not. Uploading a blog post and instagram photo of the kitty will help their self esteem, and they will know how much you love them. When they are asleep in a ball of cuddly kitty love, dreaming about how cool they are, then it's time to get your other work done. 

I hope you found this article to be relevant and informative, and most of all, your business relationship with your cat has improved. 

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