DIY Preventative Maintenance 2

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 Hopefully after last week's blog you have had time to look at your rooves and started your D.I.Y Preventative Maintenance Stratergy. With winter moving in very quickly it is now a really good time to have a good look at your window frames aswell.

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In these pictures the paint has broken down and the timber has been absorbing the moisture. In this case both windows had to be replaced because they had been left way to long. If your windows look like the larger window you should have a builder look at them for you. In the centre of the window the post is supporting the framework above!

So in order to help prevent your windows looking like this, I have set out a plan of attack for you to use as a guide. For windows open to the elements it is good practise to look over your window frames at least ones a year. If the paint is cracking, chipping or shows signs of wear it would be advisable to remove the old paint and start by sanding all the frames back to bare timber. Note if your windows were hard to open or close, this is now the time to plain or sand down the edge of the frames, but judge that for yourself as there might be several layers of paint built up that was causing the window to jam. Remove old window putty carefully from around the glass and replace with new putty. Using a small putty knife apply the new putty to the edge of the glass as pictured.

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If you have to remove any areas of timber rot or for any dammaged areas I would recommend filling with a builders bog. There are several brands on the market and this is a picture of one that sprang to mind as it is very easy to work with. Note: while this is a great product if the windows are to far gone (To Rotten) you will have to look at replacing them! 

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Note: when painting play special attention to the end of the timber to make sure the end grain is sealed as it will act like a straw if any timber is visable! when the paint is dry and hgone hard put the window back into the frame. A little trick I like to use is where the hinges screw into the side of the window frame. Rub some candle wax under the hinges and along the thead of the scew's before screwing them into thier holes. This will help stop water getting into the timber where the screws are. 

Now if you have aluminium windows, vacuum out the dust from the channel inside your windows, where your window slide. You may have to use a damp sponge to remove the dirt. On the outside wash the frames with hot soapy water, look carefully around the frame to make sure all the silicone is still in good condition. If damaged carefully remove old silicone and replace with new. Speak to your hardware store about the correct silicone to use as there are so many to choose from. When the silicone is totaly cured you can use a liquid car polish on the painted frames, this will help to keep the paint looking nice and in good condition. I like to make sure the silicone fills the gaps where the frame meets the brick and the morter joint between the bricks aswell, this will stop insects getting into your wall cavity.


I hope this was helpful! good luck with the repairs, Oh and If you would like to learn how you too can have your own Digital Business Lifestyle and the time and freedom to do the repairs when you feel like it, I strongly suggest you check out the FREE 7 day training video. The help and support you will get is second to none. As the great Molly Meldrom said "do yourself a favour" click on the LINK and please leave any comments or ? at the bottom of the page Cheers Kevin   undefined

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