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What is that thing you have always wanted to do but you always reached out for the excuse bag, the fix me quick bag, the thats how life is, bag? Most people don't know how previllaged they are, they have greatness in themselves, that is wild and tamed , all ready to be put in action.

I have for many years sought the satisfaction in what friends or family will say about me and I believe this is what most people are doing, they are so concerned what the world will say or react to them, but frankly they DON'T CARE. More often they will express disatisfaction when you try to improve your status, they would rather you stay drowning in the pool with them and not try swim out. I am sure you already know what to do!!!but instead I can hear you say words like," they are my family,what can I do?" or "they are the only people I know, that have supported me"....well, quit thinking about them and remember it is all ABOUT YOU and whatever they say is a reflection of what they are. instead start involving yourself with circles of high achievers and mentors, who will show you how to rise up again and achieve your dreams.

Lets for once think of that beautiful idea, that when you thought of it, you could virtually see its begin to the end, you connected with it and you were so sure that it was the right thing to do, beyond convicition.You literally forgot your present being. I don't mean fantasy world but that concept you were so convinced it would change you and other people who experienced it. What did you feel when in that state? I am sure, YOU felt mighty and great. but soon after, you felt helpless when you looked around you. Surprisingly you have done nothing still and you will BE there if you dont take action. What have you got to loose by taking action? you will have a better life, a better income, a more happy you, who radiates warmth to those you touch. You must allow yourself to get uncomfortable to be comfortable in the future.Be ready to leave behind your so called old friends, who drown you. If those dreams really matter to YOU!, you will find a way out, you will BURN your excuse bag. You will join groups that inspire you. You will join classes that train your mind to believe in yourself and in your dreams. You will ask, seek and not shy away from asking.

You can do anything you set your mind to. Don't worry what they think, it is DOABLE.

Start doing something, NO-MATTER how small, the big strides will be your way sooner than you think

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