Why I ultimately became an online business entrepreneur ?

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Everyone of us know that the journey towards the success in life is not an easy task. In many cases failures become the pillars for next step to be taken and so on repeats the phenomena of lifestyle to be lived with the hope to achieve the life's goal and the dream we have ever envisioned in our deep thought and mind.

Our streamless physical efforts, regorours mental willingness and passion to drive our instrict towards the goal is only not enough if we are not in the right track in our daily life. Besides all the efforts, passions, and big dream too many are bound to live miserable livelihood.  

One of the most significant reason behind all these unpleasant and heartbreaking phenomenon is not having an access to reach the right mentors. In most of the cases having no ideas how powerful it was and in many cases neglecting the one right infornt of us.

Illusion of being selfsuffienct and dellution of being ignorant towards the sceince of reality literally thrashed millions of people to live miserable and misfurtunate life. I was also among one of those millions.

Born in the Himalaya region of Nepal, grown in the city, graduated abroad in Civil Engieering with Seventeen years of education, 20 years of work experiences, living paycheck to paycheck in a corporate world of endeavor with the big dream to climb the corporate ladder of success had just brought towards the more and more miserable, misturstful, humiliating, conflicting, disrespectful, unfriendly and shabby environment.

I appreciated all the results I have anticipated so far not because I lack worthiness but it forced me to rethink myself and track records of mylifestyle.

After  more than an month long research I finally decided to change my profession and joined The Six Figures Mentors team. The community of great minds, visions and helping hands. 

The Free 7 series of videos and Mentorship of great Community Leaders aka Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek  had literally changed my mindset and life vision to a new level.

I'm proud of being a part with the great leaders and TheSFM Team and the great members of the community.

I have just created my website www.lifestyleonfingertips.com to let myself explore the digital world by learning, earning and teaching others too. You can  join the team and make the community and the lifestyle better, brighter, successful and prosperous towards the freedom we deserve. 




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