From An Offline Business To An Online Business

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So I had a conversation in the hairdressers chair this morning and she asked me “how I was going with my business?” I had a little time to reflect and my response was “fantastic, as I’ve been operating as an online business and not a physical business”. She asked me “what does that entail?” I said It starts with a marketing funnel.

What is a marketing funnel? It’s a systematic process of channeling as many qualified people into your sale process. My sales process consists of multiple steps a client will go through. For example, my marketing funnel starts with a ‘Free Book’. When interested people visit my website they want to know more information they can immediately download my ‘Free Book’ once they provide their email address.

The next step is a $47 product, which provides the client with an introduction video to my Gold Coaching Program and 3 video case studies along with a workbook and an eBook ‘Ms. Millionaire’ which I appear with 15 other successful women who share their story. So for $47 they receive incredible value. To purchase the book alone would cost them $19.95. Once they have purchased and viewed this product they will be a little closer to knowing whether or not they would like to move towards my next product.

The next step is my $495 Silver Program, which is The 7 Steps to Buying USA Real Estate. I have 14 foundational videos and accompanying workbooks, which is an accumulation of all my knowledge over the last 10 years. It is a valuable product for both the client and myself. Not only does it provide all the information that could not be delivered in one consultation process, which is what I provided before, it assists the client in deciding whether or not this product/service is for them. The other advantage to me is that I can leverage the product. Once the videos have been created once, they can be purchased over and over again.

By the time the client decides on the next product, which is a $995 2 hour Strategic Consultation process they are much more certain about moving forward. The consultation process is a one-on-one face-to-face interview where the client brings the accompanying workbook and they receive a more individualized plan to move forward. The benefit to me is that I have people coming through the system that are much more educated and sure about moving forward.

The final step is the $5,995 Gold Program, which is a personalized, individual process. I give them all of the team and the tools that I use to build my USA real estate portfolio. It is hand-held process of introducing them to all of my team members. It is an intensive 3-month program and there is some follow up guidance that occurs up to 12 months. and 



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