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Let us then approach the throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.

This part of scripture instructs us to go to God with confidence, believing that He can and will help us in our time of need.  However, through my own experience, I have come to realise that we must first help ourselves.

We need to be proactive in our lives, living with purpose and direction in order to live according to God's purpose.  We cannot be passive and expect God to solve all of our situations.  Once we are actively pursuing our dreams and goals, then God will bless our efforts.  Therefore, we need to do our portion and then God will do His portion.

This is a lesson I am learning with my current situation.  I was too passive with regards to my financial situation, and now I find myself in a very undesirable position.  I have remained remarkably calm throughout this period, due to the work that God has been doing on the inside of me over the last 2½ years.  However, I remain in the same position today, but I am confident that I will turn the situation around, because I take responsibility for the fact that I have allowed the situation to get this far, and now it is my actions that will resolve it, by the grace of Almighty God of course.

So I encourage you to correct situations before they go a long way, and remember that, once you act, God will bless your efforts, as long as they are in line with His purpose for your life.  To be sure of this, always follow your heart.


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