Networking for Business & A Formal Introduction

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Recently I have involved myself in a few networking groups.  The reason for this originated with my business goals.  I want to increase my network of like-minded people.  Those working with similar goals of interest in real estate investing.  So I began networking for business.  This is not just part of undefineda goal for me, but a necessity.  I understand I have a lot to learn from successful investors.  On my own, striving to build my business, my capacity to learn in any area is limited.  As the saying goes `no man is an island`.

 During those times of networking I have had the opportunity to meet many incredible individuals.  It has been very satisfying, like an explosion of opportunity.  A tremendous potential for success and also self-improvement as I interact and listen to others about their experiences.  And I have had the opportunity to do the same, tell the story of who i am.  It has been energizing to learn about others and contribute to others in the same way.  This is what business is all about, getting to know others, their needs and desires. For you, I would like to review a bit of my history and let you know how I’ve arrived here.


Business Networking: Formal Introduction

 I have been blogging about bits of information I have been learning, and I have totally overlooked one of the most important parts of bringing information to you.  I would like to formally introduce myself for you here.

 I am Keith Cheveldeaw; small business owner, entrepreneur, contractor, tradesman, new real estate investor (and enjoying networking for business).  I have not always had these identifications.  I am a university graduate with a degree in physical education; I studied sports and athletic training.


The Higher Education Experience

 During my university education and for two years following acceptance of my degree I volunteered and also worked with junior sports teams and several clubs.  I enjoyed the environment but quickly found my heart wasn't in it any more after spending 2 seasons either traveling on weekends or spending it at the club house preparing for upcoming events and training.  During the week I would have to leave my construction job early to get to the club house by 4:30 pm for practices - every day!  Then get home usually between 9 and

undefined10 pm to prepare for work the next day.  As the athletic therapy - training system within the professional athletic system turns over very, very slowly (rarely do senior members retire), I was informed by reliable sources that I could look forward to a life resembling the present pattern for possibly 15 to 20 years.  It didn't take me long to decide I wanted a something else . . .


My Early Entrepreneur Time

 I had a background in construction and the trades and was currently employed with it.  I continued with this for a short while before becoming unsatisfied working for companies that neither recognized quality workmanship nor paid for it.  So I started my own drywall and finishing business and enjoyed creating my own work.  I did an abundance of work between 2005 and 2010.  I had crews, a minimum of 3 projects running at a time (often more) and did all of my own scheduling and management.  When things got tough for many people in 2009, working for the new home builders was risky, in my opinion.  They cut their budgets and what they paid contractors (because many contractors accepted the cuts).  It truly wasn't worth all the effort and hard work to produce high end quality work and service to builders that wanted only to pay for `just good enough` results.

undefined Between 2009 and 2010 I began working the majority of my projects within the renovations industry.  I made good connections and built good relationships with both homeowners and other contractors (umm, I guess I was networking for business even back then).  And over the years since then have had an abundance of work, call backs for repeat work continuing the relationships.  Maintaining relationships is the key.

 I have had my share of ups and downs with running my own business.  I believe addressing and solving issues when they arise is the best (and only successful) approach.  Between managing the office duties and the jobsite inspections and maintenance I have developed my skills to create and provide solutions which have resulted in my ability to maintain trust with my customers and respect from other trades persons.  Doing what it takes to provide quality service.  I have spent many hours on each individual jobsite making sure each stage of work is of the best quality - keeping standards high.  In my opinion this is the most basic form of networking for business, to build relationships, making an effort and providing value.

 Soon again I had the urge to create new goals and set my mind on new accomplishments.  In 2013 my interest in real estate investment began.  I got involved with a property flip with a new (money) partner, I was the contractor.  It was a very large project with many issues to manage and solve.  The project turned out beautiful!  You can view some of the project results on my official website here.


Today I Am Wiser For My Experiences

 That first rehab project, with the wrong partner, was a catalyst for major changes to come.  Eventually I decided to change the entire structure of my business to focus specifically on real estate investment education and relationship building while maintaining my designation as a renovations contractor to lend support to my goals.  In writing this here, it may not appear to be much of a change, but the way I am structuring the business, using my time and effort, and the environment I do these things in is completely different to me.  It is exciting as well.  I have dedicated myself to learning about building an online business which will support my business and personal goals.  As well, it will create a business with which I will be able to market any type of product I want to, or even one I create in the future.  Learning how to promote my current business using cutting edge tools and technology is not the only benefit I will receive with an online business.



Everyone has a story.  In hind sight it is easy to see how these stories bring us to where we are today.  That is one reason why I am excited for the things I am involved with now.  At the beginning of my story here, I was not directing the experiences to gain a certain outcome.  I was just going with the flow like most of us do.  And this is why I say my business has changed so much; because now I am directing my experiences, I am creating the opportunities for the outcome I want.  I am in control of how my results will affect my business.  That gives me motivation to do more.

If you have a comment or would like some basic information on a particular item of real estate investing please leave a comment on one of the social media listed.  If you would like to know more about my goals please follow the links below.

undefined    Best wishes for your success, 

     Keith Cheveldeaw

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