Property Investment - Ignore The Hype

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The property market goes through cycles of boom and bust. During the boom periods of a rising market you will discover seminar after seminar being offered, so called experts offering advice, but once the market turns and the party is over they’re nowhere to be seen.

The media also gets on the band wagon during booms and hypes sales prices. Ignore the media hype and take everything you read or hear with a grain of salt, do your own research and due diligence using factual data relevant to any subject property and draw your own conclusions. If you choose wisely on this basis you can expect your property to increase in capital value over time. With this approach property investment is a safe bet, where the smart investors get rich slowly.

If you do attend a seminar or are getting investment advice from elsewhere, cut through the possible hype, ask the speaker if they are promoting a long-term strategy and whether they provide long-term guidance and advice.

On the other hand there will be relentless noise from the media and gloomy forecasts of market a bust and a loss of property values when this type of correction occurs in the property market. Beware the fear laden messages that lead to many leaving the sector, don’t be one of them, in fact these situations lead to even better buying opportunities for those that can see beyond the noise and hype. Stick to the facts that make great investing economic sense and remember that safe property investment is always with the long term view in mind and you should not care what the prices may be doing in the short term. Property has always increased in the long term and that won’t be changing any time soon. The media doomsayers are usually very short term focused, however you can be pretty assured that values will continue to rise over time.

There’s always going to be a reason not to act. You need to look beyond the excuses, consider whatever it is you aim to achieve, put a plan in place to reach your goal and then just do it! Tune out the noise in the marketplace for it can get very confusing and will ultimately make your decision to invest all that much harder.  For the inexperienced property investor it’s safest to concentrate on a longer term strategy.


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