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ISAIAH 54:17

No weapon that is formed against you will prosper

In light of the atrocities in Las Vegas.

You are a highly favoured child of the most high God.  You were made in the image of God.  You were made to thrive.  Almighty God placed the seeds of greatness within you, before you were even born.  Therefore you were made to be a champion.  

Almighty God has a wonderful, specific purpose for your life, and to help you fulfill His purpose, He has afforded you protection.  Protection against the enemy.  Therefore God wants you to walk boldly, with your head up and your shoulders back, and to live your life with passion and direction.

God doesn't want you to be afraid to walk in the street, or to be afraid of your neighbour.  He has blessed us all, with unique gifts and talents in order for us to bless each other.  He wants our individual light to shine brightly, for all to see.  However, the enemy doesn't want you to believe anything that I am writing.  The enemy wants you to be afraid.  Fear, which is based on ignorance.

The best investment that you can make, is in yourself.  In your own education.  Education of self.  Your mind, your body and your soul.  Therefore, educate yourself in whatever area that you need to, so that you do not live in fear, where fear has a hold on you, that stops you from living the life that you were meant to live. 

This all starts with belief.  So the choice, is always yours.  What do you believe?


Thank you for reading!

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