So, you want to become a millionaire…

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So, you want to become a millionaire…

Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s hard. Let’s keep it real, living your dream, achieving the life you want, its hard. But It is possible, and if it’s possible then you can do it with the right mindset, right action plan and right approach. That’s what I am here for today, we will uncover the three things all successful men in history have done to achieve their goals and dreams. Les Brown said, follow those that have achieved that what you want, because success leave clues’.

But firs I want you to know that, you will feel pain in this journey, you will fail, a lot, you will doubt yourself but if you are prepared then you can minimise the impact of these. Understand that failure is a requisite of success. Understand that at the end of pain there is success. Understand that doubt is simply under preparation. Lastly understand that it is necessary that you believe and achieve your goal.

Now, what’s your goal? What’s your financial goal? If you’re goal is to make six figures in this year, I am afraid I can’t help you, in fact few people can, but I do know two individuals who can guide you all the way to six figures. What I can help you with is your personal enlightening, the cool thing is that all you need is a little bit of guidance eliminating the layers of social conditioning and mental programming and you will uncover the rest by yourself. Remember that you are the leader of this journey, you decide how much you develop and how fast.

1.       Inspire yourself every day. The common denominator in all successful men and women is that they always read, heard at least 15 minutes of inspirational, positive, motivational material every day. The trick is incorporating it to your morning routine (don’t have one? Make one today!) This will start programming you to start thinking more positive, increase your motivation (especially important if you work from home.) and give you a burst of energy to start your day. Do it from today onwards!

2.       Read, read, read. Knowledge is one thing you can never have too much of, forget all that nonsense about, being overloaded with information and start taking advantage of it. Neuroscience has shown repeatedly that the human brain is high in neuro-plasticity, this simply means we are never too old, too young to learn but most importantly that our brains long term memory is said to have an unlimited capacity. If you feel overloaded is perhaps because you are trying to learn too many new skills at a time, master a few but learn all you can about two, then move on.

3.        Take Action. Anyone can do the previous two, which means everyone can be successful, this is the step that pushes people away from success… The reason people don’t act is mainly due to one thing, fear, and ironically at the other side of fear there is everything you want. At the other side of fear of failure, fear of what people might think, fear of success, at the other side there’s success. My advice is become a master of fear, study it, understand it, and learn to embrace it. The reason most people fear failure etc. is because they miss-interpret fear and the feelings that come alongside it, so understand fear to start with.

Those are it, master those three and you will be more than on your way of becoming the best version of yourself and achieving your goals. Don’t be fooled they are not easy to master but with consistency you will do all these things. If you are serious about it, in 30 days you should have all of them down, then we will talk about what’s next.

If you already master this but simply came to me because you are struggling financially, I have something for you too 😊

Stay Focused.

Efrain Herrera.



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