The Most Valuable Currency Known to Man.

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The Most Valuable Currency Known to Man

Think about this… what is the most valuable currency known to men and women? Before giving you the answer, you must promise that once you know what this currency is, you will protect it and invest it wisely, most importantly you will only share it with those you love and care. I only like to share knowledge or value to action takers… Oh you are one? Cool, you had the look anyways 😉

The answer is Time. This is without a doubt the most valuable currency known to humans yet we still see people wasting it. The reason I believe this is the most valuable currency in the world is because we can only lose it and we don’t know how much of it we were granted, meaning that must make the most of it and achieve all our goals in the most time-efficient way possible. Is funny because, we see people trading time for money (which by the way is so wrong, remember Time is Time and Money is Money!) or spending the time they have in places they hate, or with people they dislike, it really sounds illogical but it is the cold truth.

On the other hand, they are those who are utilizing it to reach their goals and building a lifestyle that allows them to enjoy every minute of it. Which leads me to the second reason to why time is the most valuable currency known to men and women… Time is constant and unstoppable. Meaning that regardless of who we are, what our believes our etc. Time will continue moving forwards, we cannot stop it to best suit our situation, and this is the scary bit, if time is always moving forwards and the day in which we perish gets closer, how dare we are spending our time in things we don’t enjoy doing, or makes us happy. There is another way, a way that allows you to have more freedom in your time management, there is another choice to sacrificing your life and precious time to afford a living, there is another way. I simply call it having Rockstar-Freedom, what I mean by this is that you decide what to do with your time and people will not question it, you will do what you love to earn an income and do what you love with your time, just like a Rockstar your work is admired by others, appreciated and most importantly it allows you to do what you want, when you want and be your own time manager.

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In a more serious note, understanding this concept is not only hard but it will take courage to act upon it. But you tell me do you want to live your life wondering if you lived it right, or knowing you didn’t spend as much time with your family and loved ones and you think you could have, knowing that you lived as a slave to your boss or some blinded corporation. If you can then I wish you all the best along the 90% of people in world right now. If you refuse to accept such a reality then my friend you are already ahead of 90% of the population, meeting people like you is a privilege but don’t be fooled you are not the only one with such bright ideas and action taking power, there are communities all around the world the gathers people like ourselves, you are welcome here, I will see you inside.

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Stay focused

Efrain Herrera