What’s In A Business Name?

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One of the most important steps to starting your business is developing and securing a business name. When I say securing a name, what is it that I mean?

Back in the day, you just had to see if it was available and pay for the name with the regulatory authorities and then you were ready to go with your business cards and stationery. However, things have changed and changed a lot.

Nowadays there is a lot that goes into a name. Today not only do you have to pay for that business name with the state or national authorities but also you have to look for a domain name and everything associated with the marketing of your business, for example: -

- You Tube Channel

- Facebook Business Page

- Instagram

- Twitter, etc.

You really do have to ensure that you have all these social media sites covered as well. It can be pretty disappointing when you have secured the domain for your website and Facebook Page to then find out that Instagram and You Tube Channel has been taken. This happened to us and it led to a strategic review of our business models.

Not only do you have to take into account all of the social media platforms you will use to market your business you have to take into account your different business models.

We are going through a branding process, which really does make you review and look at your whole business. We have several models and naming them can be a real challenge when you are taking into account the above as well.

The best way to brainstorm on your business is to create a mind map, like below…


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